Monday, July 13

Top Three Blushers from Benefit | Guest Post

My Three Favourite Benefit Blushers!
If you wasn't already aware, I'm having a few family issues which has led to me being unable to commit any time to my blog, so thankfully the wonderful blogging community are stepping into help me out and keep JustJulie going. Today the lovely Rachel from Beauty Queen UK is stepping in and sharing her three favourite blushers from Benefit.

Monday, July 6

Three Months of Hell...

I've never done anything like this before. This isn't about beauty, it's about life, my life over the past three months. A diary entry I guess. I've not re-read this, I've not spell checked this, this is just me as raw as it comes.

Thursday, June 18

All Access Beauty Bloggers | New Facebook Group

All Access Beauty Bloggers  | New Facebook Group

Networking is key for bloggers, not only does it help get your blog seen by different people, it's also a great way to get to know fellow bloggers. One of the best ways to network is via Facebook groups, however the majority of groups are spam type groups, you know, the ones where people just link dump and there is no engagement. I've wanted to create a beauty blogging group for awhile and yesterday I did just that!

Wednesday, June 17

Summer Beach Essentials*

Summer Beach Essentials

I can't help but wonder how summer has crept upon us so fast, I mean Christmas only seems like it was just a few months ago! I don't know if anyone else is a bit late in prepping for their beach holidays, but I know I am, so I thought if like me you're all a bit late in getting organised it would be a great time to put together my beach essentials.

Thursday, June 4

The Contour Edit | Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit

The Contour Edit | Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit
It seems like everyone is jumping on the contour kit bandwagon, however drugstore brands have been a little late with this one, yes there's a few contour kits out there but none of them seem to contain the right mix of highlighter/under eye setting powder that the highend brands seem to have got nailed. Upon having a browse in my local Boots I noticed the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit staring right at me, it had been out of stock on previous visits so I snatched this one up before anyone else noticed it.

Tuesday, June 2

Beauty Blogger Awards 2015 Shortlist

For any beauty blogger out there the introduction of a new blog awards ceremony is quite exciting. The Olympia Beauty show are hosting not only a trade event, with an exhibition and conference they're also hosting their first ever beauty blog awards! For the past few months people have been able to nominate who they think is worthy of a number of awards and today the finalists have been announce and I have some very exciting news to tell you all.

Monday, June 1

All About Eyes | Another Dupe From Makeup Revolution

Dupe for Too Faced Return of Sexy Palette

Makeup Revolution have made quite a name for themselves since they launched just over a year ago. Not only are they known for their great quality products at a low price, they've also gained quite a reputation for launching products that are dupes for highend brands, and today I'm bringing you yet another one.