Makeup Geek Eyshadow Review!

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow pans in a Large Z Pallet
So I'm a self confessed eyeshadow addict. I have no shame what so ever in admitting that! My friends constantly ask me how many eyeshadows do I actually need but my answer is LOADS! From high end to budget friendly eyeshadows, I adore them all and I'm constantly on the look out for new ones! I class them as an investment, they can last years (as long as they are kept sanitized) plus I like to have options!

So after watching Marlena aka Makeup Geek for years on YouTube  I was ecstatic when she brought out her own line of eyeshadows. I'm in the uk and was a bit weary about the shipping charges from America but was surprised at how cheap the shipping was. I finally decided to bite the bullet and order a few eyeshadows.
Each pan comes in a cute cardboard slip so if you wanted to use them like this you can as one side has a open hole in it so that you can use it each colour.
So they arrived in 7 days which I think is amazing! I ordered the pans on their own (you can buy them in actual casing but it costs more) so I could fill a palette, plus it made the shipping so much cheaper. I think my shipping worked out just a few quid, which is less than some places over here in the U.K.... 

Each single pan costs £3.63 ($5.99) and contains 1.8g of product, the same size as a MAC eyeshadow which would set you back £10 for just the pan.

The quality of these eyeshadows are AMAZING for the price. I was totally shocked at how good they were. The colour pay off is really good as they're highly pigmented, which is rare for some budget friendly eyeshadows. They are extremely easy to blend as well, so creating a eye look is virtually effortless. As with most budget friendly eyeshadows there is some fall out, but nothing to bad and nothing a bit of concealer doesn't fix. Like with most dark eyeshadows I would either recommend doing your eyeshadow before applying your base or using a tissue to catch any fall out.

There is currently over 60 shades available and I'm sure Marlena and her fabulous team are working hard to create more shades. There are colours for everyone, whether you like your neutrals, bright colours or smokey shades, there is something for everyone.

First row of eyeshadows shown in the palette above

The first row of eyeshadows are the most neutral out of the colours I have. I find myself reaching for 'Shimma Shimma' and 'Cinderella' most. 'Unexpected' and 'Twilight' are great crease colours for neutral eye looks and 'Prom Night' tends to be the crease colour I go for when I'm doing a smokier eye look...
Second row of eyeshadows shown in the pallet above
I've found I've been reaching for 'Drama queen', 'Last dance' and 'Sensuous' the most out of these colours. I love a purple eyeshadow look but these are more of a plum tone to them which are more suitable for the Autumn/Winter months. But I'm pretty sure once we move on to spring I'll be going to the brighter colours more often. Wisteria is a gorgeous colour... I really should use it more often!

Third row of eyeshadows shown in the pallet above

Finally the bottom row of eyeshadows are probably the most used out all of the colours. I do love a smokey grey eye and these colours are perfect at creating a subtle smokey eye or an intense eye look.  'Stealth' is a great crease colour, and probably the only matte grey eyeshadow I use... 'Corrupt' is the dupe for Carbon from MAC, and seriously I barely even touched the pan and look at how pigmented that is! The colour pay off is unreal. but I'll be honest you do get a fair amount of fall out from it though. Try using it wet and you will get a seriously intense black line... who needs eyeliner when you have a eyeshadow as pigmented as that?!

So that's my looong review of the Makeup Geek eyeshadows that I have. Are they worth the money??? Erm, have you been reading this?! YES they are!!! The price is great and the shipping is good too. Delivery is quick to overseas too. So if you're looking for some good quality eyeshadows but don't want to pay MAC prices these are the bad boys for you! I plan on buying some more shortly, I need to fill this palette up and I think I have space for seven more, so it would be rude not to fill it up!

You can purchase these from and go visit Marlena's YouTube channel and give the woman some love!

Has anyone else tried Makeup Geek products? Id' love to hear your thoughts on them too and what colours you recommend too.

Until next time
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