Sleek Eye Dust Review!

Sleek Eye Dust
So I'm a huge fan of sleek make-up, the price and quality of their products are amazing and I'm really loving the packaging of most of the products. Today though I'm going to be reviewing the first products I ever bought from them.....

Being a huge fan of eyeshadow pigments I'm always on the look out for them and unfortunately not enough brands actually sell them so I was very pleased when I stumbled across Sleeks Eye Dusts. Having only just heard about sleek via YouTube I was excited to try out the high street brand for the first time.

At the moment they have 22 shades and each pot consists of 6.5g of pigment at the low cost of £2.99!!!! Now if you compare the price of Barry M Dazzle Dust pots, that are also a high street brand you get 5g of product for £4.59. So for over £1.50 more you are getting 1.5g less of product.... you can do the math on that I'm sure! Apparently there are 60 colours to choose from but I challenge anyone to walk in to their nearest Boots or Superdrugs and find more that 15 colours available. Now compare Sleeks Eye Dusts to the higher end brand MAC. MAC have their gorgeous pigments, now available in 24 colours from their website. These pots, although they look like they hold more product have only 4.5g of product and retail at £17 each..... Value wise Sleek is trumping both of them!

Now are they any good???

I currently only have 6 shades but I'm in love with all but one of them....
Sleek Eye Dust Swatches (no flash)

All but one of the shades I have, have great pigment. Unfortunately Innocence has barely any pigment. The consistency of Innocence is very different to all of the others, it's very bitty and doesn't go on the eye smoothly at all. I'm guessing (well hoping) this was meant to be just a glittery pigment to go over the top of a shadow to add a bit of glitz to the look? As for the other shades, the pigment of each are very high and you only need to use a little and it goes very far! Especially with Drama, Outrage and Hypnotic, I only need the tiniest amount and the colour pay off is amazing!

I LOVE purple eyeshadows (something you will get to know in time) and I love So Sleek and Fantasy together and are my most used out of all 6 shades. If you're a fan of purple eye looks then these two are a MUST HAVE! I just wish they had a deeper purple as currently I have to use another brand to darken the look up.

Overall I'm a huge fan of Sleeks Eye Dusts. The colour pay off is great, they're long lasting and easy to blend. Like any pigment you will get fall out, but use a tissue under the eye to catch the colour which solves that problem. The price is fantastic for the amount of product you get.

I'm hoping they will expand the colour range in time and I will definitely be purchasing more! 

One last thing to point out is that you can purchase Sleek from Superdrugs and now at Boots but I haven't noticed any of those stores stocking the Eye Dusts, so currently they're only available from the Sleek Website here

So tell me has anyone else tried these or can recommend any other pigments?

Until next time

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