2014 Wish List

I'm a huge fan of wish lists so thought I'd pop mine up. I wanted to narrow it down to just 10 which let's be honest here, it was very hard to do as my list  is huuuuuge, there is so much that I want that I don't know where to begin, a fair amount of what I want is totally out of my price range and totally unjustified so those shall stay there until 1. my boyfriend buys them for me, 2. until I win that Euro Lottery... which I will!!! Any way these are the things I've been wanting for a while now and things I can/will be buying myself with the exception of maybe one or two ;)

1. Michael Kors Jet Set Pebbled Leather Wallet  I got the Hamilton bag for Christmas and really wanted to treat myself to the matching purse but can't seem to find it anywhere so guessing they may not do it anymore... queue sad face.... I really want a purse to match the colour of my bag so this will go perfectly. 
2. Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour in Passion I don't own a single thing from Chanel... yet this is a the classic red lipstick from Chanel and I'm all about red lips right now so this needs will be in my lipstick collection very soon! I've told myself if I hit target this month at work I will treat myself to this beauty!
3. DiorShow Mascara I've been working my way through 'high end' mascaras, when one runs out I buy another. I'm doing this to see how they really do compare with drugstore mascaras. Diorshow has been on my list for some time now so once my Estee Lauder has ran out I shall be getting this!
4. Canon PowerShot A3500 IS Wi-Fi 16MP Compact Camera I lost my digital camera on a night out over Christmas.... yes I'd had twenty to many to drink! I'm in desperate need of a new camera and now I've started blogging this is a MUST purchase as I'm just using my iPhone. I've never had a canon camera before and thought this looked like a good entry one for me to start with, plus it's purple and I'm all about purple right now. I also lose my usb leads so the wi-fi option on this is definitely going to come in handy!
5. Jo Malone Fragrance I don't own a Jo Malone fragrance and I'm kind of ashamed to admit I've never smelt any of them before either but I know I need a bottle in my life! I'm planning on visiting the store in Sloan Square London this year to choose one that hopefully may get bought for me... I'm a fan of sweet scents with a slight floral mix so I'm sure I will find one I like! I've heard their customer service is amazing so hopefully I will get looked after!
6.Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Refills I've had my eyes on Inglot eyeshadows for some time now. I'm a huge fan of build your own style palettes but I do hate having half empty palettes and because I wanted the 40 well palette I've resisted buying them but have now decided to get 10 well palettes to keep them in colour order. They are only £4.50 a shadow and the quality is meant to be really good so I'm excited about buying these. They have such a huge colour selection also! 
7. Zoeva Eye Brush Set Zoeva is a German Cosmetics brand that also do brushes. I've used none of their products but I'm really loving the look of the brushes and have heard good things about them (although there isn't many reviews around about them) The price point is really good also so I'm going to start my collection with the eye brush set and then go from there!
8. Yankee Candle Pink Dragonfruit I've only had one Yankee candle and sadly it's no longer with me, I've been desperate to get a new one for some time but wasn't a fan of the Christmas ones, which just so happen to be reduced in most places, but I've smelt this one and loved it!
9. Lime Crime Lipstick in Geradium again I don't own any lipsticks from Lime Crime but I adore the packaging and everyone raves about them on YouTube, this one is the colour I like most from the swatches I've seen online, I've seen a few others I like but think I'll start with this one!
10. CharlotteTilbury Colour-Coded eyeshadow palette in The Rock Chick I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Tilburys work and was super excited when she launched her own line in the summer. All of the products are super pricey but they look lush, this eyeshadow palette stands out to me the most so this is something I desperately want to buy this year!

So that's my wish list for 2014. They're mainly all pricey items and not things I would just rush out to buy on a whim, they will be little treats that I personally think I deserve! Has anyone else already got anything on this list? Do you recommend them??

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