Can you imagine a life before.....?

A few things happen when we move in to a new year for me, one it takes me roughly about 6 months before I actually stop writing the previous year down and two I realise how much things have changed. I tend to think of the 90s being the last decade but then a conversation with my dad the other day made me realise (blonde moment) that actually the 90s was TWO decades ago!!! Now I'm not sure about you guys but that instantly made me feel old, also it made me appreciate the things I have now.

I've said it before that the younger generation really have no clue about how lucky they actually are! When I was in my teens I didn't have my own computer, let alone a iPad or tablet, whatever you use but as a family we had this HUGE computer that seemed to take hours to turn on and double the time to turn off, it made the most horrendous noise whilst it was on and it was ridiculously slow.

There wasn't flat screen TVs, my TV went back for bloody miles and weighed a ton! I can't remember when I got my first DVD player but I do remember my first VCR (Video cassette recorder for the younguns) and making a video dedicated just to Take That! I would record all their appearances on the Saturday morning TV shows like Going Live. My parents would record the movies that were shown on terrestrial TV, back then we used to get a number of good movies before the bastards at sky took all that away! Now who bothers watching DVDs? I know I don't, I download off of my laptop and then plug in my HDMI cable and BANG it's on my TV screen!

We didn't have iPods that we could listen to music to, what we had at first was a twin cassette player, one side recorded and the other just played the music. Sunday evenings were a huge thing back in the day, everyone would tune in to the top 40 and have their fingers on the pause button ready for your favourite song to come on and then would flip out when the DJ would start to talk over the song before it had ended so you would desperately rewind back to just before the d*ck head would start talking and be in such a panic that you would miss the next song! Technology soon moved on and we were graced with Walkmans!!! Think of it as the original iPod.... just not as pretty or compact. The hideous headphones that came with them still give me nightmares now, they were made of metal and had huge black foam things over the ear piece, but it was cool because we could now listen to music on the go, even if we did have to continuously remove the tape and turn it over to rewind things. I do remember when the CD Walkman came out it was like we had moved 50 years into the future!

When I was in the 5th year at secondary school only two people, yes I said TWO people had a mobile phone. It was amazing, I mean their parents had actually bought them a mobile phone! I know most of us were jealous of them and could only dream of having our own phones! I finally got my first mobile phone when I was 16 I think, just after leaving school. Anyone seen Only fools and Horses and Del Boy walking around with this huge brick of a phone? Well luckily mine wasn't quite that big! It did have this impressive flip that you flipped down when you wanted to talk to someone. Not only that but it had a huge antenna that you would pull up if you needed better signal, gorgeous! You didn't really need to pull the antenna out unless you were in a poor signal area but I thought it looked cool, especially with the flip open, so most of the time I  would use it like that... I don't know how I didn't get beaten up! Phones then didn't have games on them and when you could finally send text messages you had to type out the whole mobile number each time! See how now phones are getting bigger? Well back then they got smaller and smaller and we welcomed with open arms Nokia 2210 and then the 3310 which brought us our beloved game called SNAKES! A black small square that you would go around and round in circles trying to catch the black square whilst your snake got bigger and it was then race to not crash in to the bottom of your snake! See how people spend hours on Angry Birds or Candy Crush? Yeah we had snake to keep ourselves entertained! Phones didn't have music, damn we didn't even have decent ring tones and was amazed when polyphonic ring tones came out as they sounded just like the real thing.... yet it didn't but to us it did! Looking back I could never have imagined an iPhone, a mobile phone that is just like a mini computer.

Myspace was the 'in' thing to have, I remember when my friends started talking about Facebook and I joined it and hated it.... Now I'm one of the biggest Facebook addicts out there and couldn't imagine not being able to inform my friends that of pointless crap that no one is interested in or be able to stalk my boyfriends ex girlfriend just to see if she is prettier than me! The world has now been taken over by social media with new ones platforms becoming popular all the time, it's now how people communicate!
Back when I was a teenager we used to actually go out and play with our friends, you would never see us stuck indoors, even if it was raining, we would be hanging around our local park (not like hooligans) and would go and knock for our friends to see if they were coming out to play!

One of the biggest changes for me is HAIR!!!! OMG my hair as teenager was long, thick and naturally curly. I would scrunch it with mouse and it would looked like I had a perm (they were in fashion back then) When I decided I was fed up with my hair I went to the hairdressers and got it chemically straightened and loved it, I walked out of the salon feeling like I was in the middle of a hair advert, I even had the bounce in my stride whilst walking down the street! Unfortunately my hair didn't stay poker straight and turned in to this huge fluff like hair! I would sit there for two hours straight holding each section of my hair out as tight as possible just to get a it straight. My friend then showed me these new things... straighteners! They were Babyliss and you put water in them and then let it go hot and the steam would help straighten your hair! Now these were a far cry from the ghds that we all know and love now! These were pure steel plates, that the water boiled up and we actually used these to straighten our hair! The thought of it actually sends shivers down my spine! We weren't as fussy back then, they didn't exactly make our hair poker straight and they took about half an hour to heat up but they did the job and we knew no different!

I do remember when ghd first came out, they changed women's hair forever but sadly I couldn't afford any so opted for cheaper ceramic coated plates. I reckon I must have spent at least £300 on various different straighteners from Babyliss to Nicky Clarke to Remington. I became obsessed with straightening my hair and if one bit had the slightest kink in it I would go over that section a minimum of 5 times to make sure it was straight! I wouldn't leave my house without my hair being straight and sometimes would straighten it twice a day if I was going out in the evening desperate to not allow my hair to revert back to the fluff ball that it had become!!!! Now you've got parents buying their 12 year old daughters the latest ghds!!!! The funny thing is I now work for ghd and only got my first pair 15 months ago when I joined them and obviously would never turn back!

It's funny when you compare the things we come to love and adore that we totally take for granted. iPhones, iPads, digital cameras, compact video recorders, laptops, straighteners, being able to pause LIVE TV on sky or recording one channel whilst watching another one, all of these things were unimaginable 10 years ago let alone 30 years ago! We live in a materialistic generation where instead of popping to the library to find out information we turn to the internet and have everything literally at the click of a button! The funny thing is that in 20 years time all these things we know and love now will be a distant memory and the younger generation of today will be talking about how the new young generation take all the things they have for granted!!!

I'm only 32 but my god writing this post has made me feel so old!

What things do you remember having or wanting as a youngster? What could you not live without now when looking back?

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