January sale shopping!

No7 The Eyes Collection  £6.00   Calvin Klein Down Town 50ml Fragrance Set £17.25
 Mark Jacobs Dot 50ml Fragrance Set £26.50   
The White Collection Candle in Reviving Mandarin £4.00    
Boux Avenue Leopard Print Onesie £23.00   3 X OPI Nail Lacquer £5.25 each

Like most people I do keep my eyes out for bargains once Christmas is over and done with but unlike the crazy people who go out first thing on Boxing Day I don't really go looking through the sales. I work in retail and am lucky to not have to work Boxing Day so refuse point blank to shop on that day! I also hate looking through all the sale rails, so tend to have a look when I've finished work (when it's a bit quieter) and go to things that jump out at me! I heavily spent prior to Christmas so afterwards I didn't have a huge amount left to play with so I'm quite proud that I never went overboard!

I popped into Boots as I like to see what Christmas sets they have left, unfortunately I left it a few days and all the decent sets had sold out! I worked for No7 for seven years and I'm always excited about their Christmas sets, yet wouldn't pay full price for them! I only picked up 'The Eyes collections' which was originally £12. The two brushes in the set if bought separately work out at £15 for the two, so buying this set, along with three eyeshadows is a real bargain! I already have both of the eye brushes and like them both so why not have duplicates?!

Whilst in boots I spotted the White Collection Candle. I think The White Collection is meant to be a cheaper version of The White Company!  I've been after a plain white candle for sometime now but haven't found one that I like and that doesn't cost a fortune so paying £4, again was a no brainer!

Both of the fragrance sets were from John Lewis. I don't really use the lotions or shower gels that you get with these kinds of sets, but the fragrance in each were 50mls and considerably cheaper than the 50mls sold on it's own, plus they're both quite sweet scents, which I love so really it was a no brainer for me! Also Marc Jacobs do gorgeous bottles, I just wish I liked more of his fragrances!

The three OPI polishes were again from John Lewis, they were part of their Christmas line, hence all the glitter! I love OPI polishes but they cost £11.50, which is a lot to spend on one polish, also I get my nails done at the nail shop every month so really spending that much on a polish that I'm barely ever going to use is something I can't justify. BUT what I can justify is spending half that on colours that I just love! The red one (Underneath the Mistletoe)  is one I've had my eye on every since it came out. The two glittery polishes (My favourite Ornament and Which is Witch?) are colours I will use when I want to jazz up my nails and add a wee bit of sparkle!

Finally the lovely picture of me! I'm wearing my new onesie from Boux Avenue. I had first noticed this onesie in the window of their shop. I walked past it every day leading up to Christmas and every day that went past my love for the Leopard print onesie just grew and grew to infatuation. When I would put on a onesie at home I would feel sad that it wasn't the Leopard print one :( Why didn't I buy it I hear you asking?! Well I had no money! I was waiting until pay day to buy it, pay day came and sadly they didn't have my size, neither did the website. I was heartbroken :( I'm not lying I swear! I gave up on the idea of being able to buy it. 

I popped in to Boux Avenue the other day to pick up a dressing gown. I love their nightwear but they are quite steep in price so if you can pick up something from there in the sale then do it! What did I see from afar? The onesie. As I walked closer I knew I'd be disappointed that it wouldn't be the right size, after all there was only one there, I knew I couldn't be that lucky. Someone else had it in there hand by the time I got to it, they put it down but didn't move away from it, they were taking about whether they could afford it, I managed to look at the label and see it was my size!!!!!!!! Seeing as the girl never had a hand on the onesie I picked it up and darted off to the till! There was no way I was going to miss out on finally getting this onesie! I didn't even look back at the girl! I'm sure she was annoyed BUT if you want something, don't put it back down! I LOVE the onesie, it's so snuggly and comfy, all I need now are the slipper booty's that matched, that sadly went out of stock too :( So if anyone knows where I can get a similar pair please let me know!

So what did other people buy in the sale? Did you find something that you had been after too?

Until next time 

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