JustJulie's 2013 Beauty Favourites Part 1.... Eye Makeup ❤️

So this is my post of my favourite eye makeup products of 2013. It was extremely hard to narrow it down to just one in each category and in a few there are two, well it's my favourites so I can do as I want ;) So let's get into this!


E.L.F Mineral Eyeshadow Primer  £3.00 

I've been using Urban Decays Primer Potion ever since I can remember, it's still my favourite primer but I've been on the hunt over the past year to find a budget version as it does cost £15, although it lasts forever. I had been recommended E.L.F's Eyelid Primer which is only £1.50, so I gave that one a try but to be honest I wasn't that keen on it, then I came across this one so thought I'd give it a whirl. I was surprisingly pleased with it, the consistency felt the most similar to urban decays one and it actually kept my eyeshadow on all day long (which is what we want) It glides over the eyes easily, a little goes far and eyeshadows apply very well over the top of it. I still go to my Urban Decay Primer Potion on nights out or if I know I'm going to be going out straight from work but on a general day to day basis I go straight for this one. For £3.00 you honestly can't go wrong! I have stocked up on this as E.L.F always sell out of stock quickly. If your on a budget then this is one I'd definitely recommend highly!


MAC Powerpoint eyeliner: Industry  £14.00

I was after a eyeliner that wasn't black but was darker than grey (if that makes any sense!) I wanted a really soft eyeliner that just glides on the eye. One that's 100% smudge proof and long wearing. I've spent a fortune on eyeliners to end up not being happy with them as they smudged half way through the day. WELL I found it!!!!! £14 is a bit more than I was looking to pay, but if you add up all of the ones I'd bought in the course of two months it would have come to 10 times this amount! I love how it applies, I love the look it gives (after smudging it in) The colour goes perfect with a softer smokey eye as it's not as intense as a black and on top of it, it didn't smudge! I don't have any other shades in this yet but will be investing in some this year.

Another eyeliner I wanted to recommend which is similar to the Mac Powerpoint eyeliner is Sleek eau la la liner in NOIR My one is nearly gone so it's not picture worthy! I LOVE this eyeliner, I really do! The consistency of it compared to the MAC one is very similar and also it doesn't smudge, (well it does a little but not until near the end of the day and it's nothing too bad!) They are only £4.99 and come in a range of different shades. So if your looking for a good alternative to the MAC eyeliner above then I'd definitely go take a look at the sleek eyeliner range!

Like with pencil eyeliners I've been on the hunt for the perfect slim liquid eyeliner. I wanted one that had a very slim tip, one that was easy to apply and also a true black eyeliner. Often black liquid liners, once dried, aren't very black at all and that's not a problem when I'm wearing light coloured eyeshadows but when I'm wearing dark colours, well I want to see the line!!! This is probably one of the easiest liquid liners to apply, well what I've found anyway. You can get a super thin line or build it up to get a thicker line if need be. Creating flicks with this is super easy and right now for the first time ever I'm rocking on BOTH eyes the best, even and super sexy flick, something I'd only ever been able to achieve on just one eye. So hurray for this little miracle! I'm happy with how black the colour is also. So if you're a beginner with liquid liner and struggling to get an even flick or a thin even line then I'd go for this bad boy, he makes it sooo easy to do!


Fashionista Eyeshadows
Normally £4 each, currently £1.65 each

So I don't have one particular colour with this brand, it's more to do with the eyeshadows as a whole. I first discovered this brand in superdrugs, they had a special offer where you could build your own palette and pay either £10 for the four eyeshadows and the palette or £15 for six eyeshadows and the palette, but with a mistake on superdrugs part I managed to get the four palette and eyeshadows for £5! Funnily enough the next day the error was corrected! Ha! Anyway these eyeshadows are amazing, there is over 40 shades available in a variety of colours. The reason I liked the look of them so much was because they are the same size as Bobbi Brown's eyeshadows. Fashionista also have great sized palettes, pretty much the same as Bobbi Brown palettes (6 well not the 4 well) The mirrors are a great size also, so great for on the go. The quality of these eyeshadows are amazing for the price. They blend in easily and don't budge throughout the day so these were one of my best finds in 2013. I currently have over 30 across six different sized palettes. The company has since been bought by MUA, Makeup Academy although apparently the quality of the eyeshadows will not be changing at all, it's just they now will be selling them on their website, still under the name fashionista. If you're looking for some good quality eyeshadows at a very low price then these are the ones I'd go for, also the palette option makes them look much more higher end than a lot of brands. Also a quick note, you can currently buy four eyeshadows and the palette for £7 or 6 eyeshadows and the palette for £10, but I have just noticed that lot's of shades are currently out of stock!

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow  £3.62 ($5.99) per each (not compact)

Well I raved about these on my blog post here Makeup Geek Review
so I won't go into too much detail. Again I don't have one particular favourite colour, it's more about the range as a whole. They are great value for money and amazing quality. I highly recommend these as they have now become my 'go to' on a daily basis. Go check out the review for a more information.

So this mascara is the number one selling mascara in the UK (possibly the world?) So I had to try it out and see if it was worth all the hype, I mean nearly £20 for a mascara that you replace every 2 months is a lot to spend, was it really worth it? Well I had a love/hate relationship with it at first. Like with most mascaras I'm never keen on them until a week into using it. I did like the effect it gave to my eyelashes, super long with volume and it was non clumpy. I was a fan of the brush also but I found it smudged so much. By the time I would get to work I'd have it under my eyes, something I'd never had before. I mentioned it to my friend Mel who is the business manager for Benefit in the store I work and she was confused by it. I put it away and didn't use it again for a few weeks. I then went back to it and this time I would finish off the last coat with another non smudging mascara and didn't put it on my lower lashes, this solved the smudging problem and I'm back to loving the effect it has on my eye lashes! It may sound like there are a few cons with the mascara but really, since I've changed my application with it I love it and have re-purchased it two more times!

A special nod goes to Maybelline Colour tattoos (bring out more shades please) Rimmel Scandaleyes Liquid eyeliner, NYX eyelid primer, Sleek Eye Dusts and Urban Decays naked Palette 3 (I felt it was too close to the end of the year to put it into my favourites) all of which have been a part of my eye makeup routine and continue to be some of my favourites.

You can view part 2 of my beauty favourites here

So that's it for my 2013 eye makeup beauty favourites. Let me know what have been your favourites and why! 

Until next time

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