Makeup mistakes I used to make as a teenager!

I wish when I was growing up that we had YouTube back then as I'm pretty sure it would have saved me making a ton of mistakes with my makeup! 

The teenage generation really don't know how lucky they are, they have wonderful YouTube gurus who spend their time helping their viewers out, you've got professional makeup artists taking time out of their day to offer tips to everyone on how to apply their makeup, what did I have? A group of sixth formers to inspire me.....


I remember being in maybe in my third year at secondary school and seeing this sixth former wearing black eyeshadow and I really liked how it looked on her. Sadly I didn't have any eyeshadows to my name but what I did have was a black eye liner...... so what did I decide to do? Colour my WHOLE EYE LID with this black eye liner and then smudge it in with my finger, damn I didn't even have any makeup brushes back then! I'm sure you can imagine that my 'eyeshadow' didn't quite look the same as the sixth former who had inspired me, in fact I'm pretty sure it looked a horrendous mess that no doubt must have smudged ridiculously.... I didn't have the wonders of an eye base to help it stay on either.... in fact I'm pretty sure I didn't even own a mascara at the time either! Oh god, the picture in my head right now (and yes you can admit your picturing the same as me) is pretty frightening, no wonder I struggled to find a boyfriend back then! Luckily I went to an all girls school!

I then discovered creme puff powders. The one I particularly favoured at the time was from a range called 'Constance Carrol' which I've just discovered is still actually going! I'm pretty sure this powder cost me around the whopping price range of 50p! I do remember the shade I used was called 'Candlelight' and was a nice shade of pinky/white and was applied with a very rough powder puff. See where as today most people like to go for a slightly bronzed look, back in my day it was all about looking pale, why? Cos this covered everything up, well so we thought! I eventually moved on to buying more of their range and had soon invested in the concealer and foundation, and again they were nice pinky/white shades too. To the life of me I can't remember how they felt on my skin or how long they lasted but I'm pretty sure that wearing such light makeup coupled with the black pencilled in eyelids must have looked delightful!

Then came the lipstick craze! It was literally all about two shades of lipstick and anyone who went to secondary school in the 90s will know the two I'm talking about... HEATHER SHIMMER and COFFEE SHIMMER by Rimmel If you didn't own either one of these you would be an outcast, these were the only two lipsticks you needed to own! Now Heather Shimmer was actually quite a nice shade, it was a light brown shade with a mauve undertone to it, quite complimentary for most people actually, but coffee shimmer was a quite a dark brown shade... let's say not the best shade to compliment pinky/white skin and dark black eye makeup, but of course I choose to wear this one because, well I have no idea why I just did!

Also Rimmel was classed as highend makeup in the 90s, or at least in my school, not that I'm slating Rimmel, it's just back then if you owned make up by Rimmel it basically meant you were clued up in makeup!

I'm going to be honest, I'm totally surprised I never got bullied! Ha ha!

These are the main mistakes that jump out to me, I'm sure there were more but seriously, these ones are bad enough! I wish we had something like YouTube back in the 90s, even if all I could afford was cheap makeup at least I would have applied it correctly!

By the way you can find the Constance Carrol make up HERE to see what I'm talking about and they still sell both lispticks in Rimmel, although the packaging is much different nowadays!

What makeup mistakes did you make when you were younger and what were the brands that you used?

Until next time

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