Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser...

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As a person with oily/combination skin who is always on the look out for something to help make my makeup stay put all day I was extremely happy to find out about the Maybelline baby skin! I've literally just heard about this over on Nicole Guerriero's YouTube channel from her latest video.

How have I not heard about this until now? I'm constantly browsing the self selection cosmetics stands within my local Boots and Superdrugs stores and yet somehow I've missed this? I thought neither may stock this yet but after having a look over on Boots website I see it there, so I'm clearly missing the ball!!!!

Anyway I've done a little research this morning and have seen rave reviews about it. People are comparing it to Benefits Porefessional at just a fraction of the price, £7.99! I go through a love hate relationship with Benefits Porefessional all the time. I still see my pours but it does do wonders with helping make my foundation last that bit longer, but for the price of it I'm not sure if it makes my foundation last long enough to warrant re-purchasing. So seeing that Maybelline have brought out their version I'm definitely planning on rushing out to buy it this week! So keep your eyes peeled for a first impressions/review shortly!

Maybelline have been going from strength to strength and if Baby Skin is yet another great product from their line then they definitely will be working their way up the list of favourite drug store brands this year!

(Click HERE for my full review)

Anyway has anyone else tried this? Is it any good? or have you tried another brands primer that is better? Leave me a comment with your thoughts!

Until next time

JJ  ❤️


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