I was tagged the other day (could be the other week by the time this goes up!) by the lovely +Alice Spake  in her TMI post For those that don't know what TMI means... well it means too much information!

If you smoke, love a cup of tea or occasionally indulge in the odd alcoholic beverage like myself then go grab one of those and carry on reading...

1. What are you wearing? Pink onesie that's about two sizes too big!
2. Ever been in love? Yes
3. Ever had a terrible break up? Yes all of them! lol
4. How tall are you? 5ft3 and a half! Ask any man, that half inch is bloody important!
5. How much do you weigh? Well 3 stone lighter than 2 & a half years ago but 10lbs heavier than a year ago!  
6. Any tattoos? Yes one on the back of my shoulder
7. Any piercings? Yes both ears done and my tongue! 
8. OTP? Had to google what this was... Damon & Elena on VD
9. Favourite show? There are tooo many shows I love!!!! Lost was my all time fav!
10. Favourite bands? Does One Direction count?
11. Something you miss? Not suffering with two day long hangovers!!!
12. Favourite song? Stevie Wonder 'My Cherie Amour'
13. How old are you? 32 :(
14. Zodiac Sign? Scorpio and yes I am a typical Scorpion!
15. Quality you look for in a partner? Christian Grey qualities... all of them!
16. Favourite Quote? “Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”
17. Favourite Actor? Leonardio Dicaprio, the guy can't do anything wrong!!
18. Favourite colour? Purple at the moment but it does change
19. Loud music or soft? LOUD, I'm one of those annoying people on the bus or train!
20. Where do you go when you're sad? To my room to play soppy arse music that will make me feel more sad and cry more!
21. How long does it take you to shower? I don't shower I bath and it depends on if it's a shaving and hair washing day!
22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 2+ hours!!!!!
23. Ever been in a physical fight? Yes, they came off worse!
24. Turn on? My blog isn't X rated so I'll  keep it pg and just say humour
25. Turn off? Extreme arrogance
26. The reason I started blogging? I'm a spendaholic and have too much makeup! I love blogs and 
youtube and thought it would be great to do my own thing and share my views. Also I've wanted to blog for sometime now, people have told me to blog also. as time goes by this will be more than a beauty blog
27. Fears? Putting my head under water, hence not liking showers and also getting old!
28. Last thing that made you cry? Hayleys Funeral in Coronation Street, I bawled like a baby!!
29. Last time you said you loved someone? Today
30. Meaning behind your blog name? My name is Julie and my blog is basically just me, I type how I talk and my blog will be how I want it to be, a true reflection of Julie!
31. Last book you read? God knows! I rarely read! I did start The Hunger games though...
32. Book you're currently reading? Well I started reading Hunger Games but haven't gone back to it
33. Last show you watched? The Originals yesterday, I was having a catch up as was behind.
34. Last person you talked to? My dad
35. Relationship between you and the person you last text? Best Friend
36. Favourite food? Tuna!!!
37. Place you want to visit? New York
38. Last place you were? Toilet going a wee!
39. Do you have a crush? Aside from the obvious, I have many a crush on famous men and have a very unhealthy crush on Olly Murs
40. Last time you kissed someone? This Morning
41. Last time you were insulted? Recently every bloody day as people continuously keep walking in my way or cutting across me which I find extremely insulting which resulting in me having a argument with some rude bitch in H&M!
42. Favourite flavour of sweets? Orange Chocolate! mmmmmm
43. What instruments do you play? None...
44. Favourite piece of jewellery? My DKNY watch
45. Last sport you played? Does the gym count?
46. Last song you sang? Pharell 'Happy'
47. Favourite chat up line? They don't even get that far, I've walked off as soon as they start to talk!
48. Have you ever used? Used what? I use things on a daily basis?!
49. Last time you hung out with anyone? Last night/this morning

This is a great way for YOU my readers to hopefully get to know me a little bit better! If you're tagged and decide to do this please tweet me when you do it as I want to know your answers!

Until Next time 



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