I Heart YouTube part 1

Hello my name is Julie and I'm a YouTube addict! There I said it! I'm addicted to YouTube! Ever since I stumbled across the hilarious and totally crazy Jenna Marbles I was hooked on YouTube and spend countless hours watching my favourite YouTubers when I should actually be going to bed or doing some paper work, writing a blog post or actually spending some time with my boyfriend!

You know what happens when you go on YouTube and watch ONE video, you look at the recommended for you side bar, click on one video and 3 hours later you're still staring at the computer screen! So as a result I've stumbled across some awesome YouTubers so part 1 of my I Heat YouTube post is going to be my top 10 beauty gurus on YouTube. By the way the top 3 was so difficult to choose!

10. Tarababyz. Tara is my newest subscription out of all of my top 10 beauty gurus. I came across her videos back in early October when she reviewed the Wayne Goss makeup brush line. Tara has an obscene amount of makeup, so much so her collection was split in to two sections, both nearly an hour long each, and yes I watched them both! She is such a down to earth girl, she's a southern girl so what you see is what you get! When doing reviews on eyeshadows she tends to do the talking review first and then show us her using them and creating a look, which is something I actually like. She's totally honest with all her opinions and she just cracks me up! She seems like a really nice girl who totally deserves more subscribers than what she has, so go watch and sub for me please, she's a delight to watch! 

9. Dope2111. Aka Promise Phan. Sister in-law to Michelle Phan. Please watch the video above, this is the first video I ever saw of promise and I was like whooooooa how the f*** did she just transform herself into Bruno Mars?! Well she did, that's what she does, she uses makeup and of course the odd prop to transform herself in to celebrities, she's even transform in to one of her subscribers before! Promise is 100% self taught which makes what she is able to do that little bit more special, she really does have a special gift and I highly recommend her videos.

8. Lisa Eldridge. Lisa is without a doubt the most successful career wise out of all of the beauty gurus on YouTube. Her YouTube videos which are also posted on her own website are just a sideline, giving her fans something back and helping them learn the real art of how to apply makeup... in the professional way. Lisa is a successful makeup artist to the stars. Her work has been in some of the top magazines like Vogue. Lisa was also the creative executive for the British brand No7, who I used to work with. I had an amazing opportunity (although I'm certain she would never remember me) to have some training with Lisa her self when I was successful in the role for Makeup Artist with the flagship store Bluewater. We spent a few days with Lisa learning from her and yes her she looks amazing in the flesh! This was a few years ago now and I really wish I had appreciated more of who I was being taught from at the time.

7. Fleur De Force. Fleur has been around the YouTube and blogging community for years and I was shocked that she has only just reached 1 million subscribers, you would have thought she would be way over it by now! Fleur doesn't often do many tutorials but shes big on doing reviews and doing top 10s in products. If you want high end product reviews Fleurs your girl, although she does review drugstore products I always go to her videos and blog for the high end review. If you've not seen her wedding video yet I highly recommend it, it's like a actual movie!

6. Makeup Geek aka Marlena. Marlena was the first beauty channel I ever subscribed too and it's amazing to see how much she has changed and also how well she has done. She runs her own website which also has a shop where you can buy makeup products. She then brought out her own line of eyeshadows, which I've reviewed already. She wanted to create affordable eyeshadows that had a high end quality to them. and that she did! I love them, their amazing and such great quality! She's expanding the Makeup Geek line as we speak, there are pigments, brushes and blushers soon to follow! Aside from all that Marlena is so down to earth and has such a sweet nature. She is a great makeup artist. Her videos range from makeup looks, hauls, beauty tips, life updates, monthly whats new in beauty products and much much more.

5. Pixiwoo. Everyone knows who Sam and Nic Chapman are. Sam brought out the fabulous Real Technique brushes and I'm sure if you didn't know who they were before you did after using them. Sam and Nic are sisters and both professional makeup artists. They are both equally as talented as the other. They both have great personalities, although Nic kinda just beats Sam a bit, you can tell Nic was the naughty one as a child! They post videos separately or together and do so many different looks from recreating celebrities makeup looks to way out there crazy non wearable looks! They make it look super easy! I actually found their channel from the delightful Wayne Goss when he was talking the Real Technique brushes.

4. Miss Budget Beauty. I came across Miss Budget beauty aka Mikhila from her blog. Everytime I wanted to check out a review on something it would be her blog that would appear in google. I then followed her over on to YouTube and am now subscribed too all three of her channels! I'm not sure Mikhila would class herself as a 'beauty guru' but she is starting to post more and more makeup look videos. She's very informative and really goes in to detail about products and is always 100% honest. She has to be one of the most hard working and dedicated YouTubers/Bloggers out there. She now runs three YouTube channels, the above one which is more focused on more drugstore products, her second channel DiaryOfASpendaholic which is a newish channel, focused on more high end, outfit of the days and hauls etc and her third channel is her vlog channel where she shares snippets of her life. She uploads frequently, there will normally be a video on at least one channel every day and she blogs every day too, all whilst having a part time job and looking after two children! I honestly think she should have way more subscribers on her main channel than she does so get subscribing!!!

3. Zoella. Aww cute little Zoe. She's just too adorable right? I'm going to be honest that when I first came across one of her videos (can't remember the video) I wasn't that keen but then I watched a few more videos and decided I wanted her to be my little sister! What I like about Zoe is that she isn't just a 'beauty guru' she doesn't really do makeup tutorials, think I've seen just one actually, but she talks about all things beauty, fashion and hair related products and then she throws in the random videos which quite often have some guest appearances from her little YouTube gang! To which I might add I'm totally jealous of the gang and want to be a part of it! Her relationship with Alfie is adorable too. Zoe is now up to more than 4 million subscribers which is just crazy considering only a few months ago she was celebrating hitting 3 million! I also like her second channel MoreZoella where she posts her random vlogs. Did I say I want her lifestyle???

2. Goss Makeup Artist aka Wayne Goss! Now I don't think there are many people out there who don't know who Wayne is, if not go find out! I love Wayne! He's just amazing. His talent is crazy and there isn't much about makeup that this guy doesn't know! His videos tend to be short and sweet but get to the point. He is all about the little details that can just change a makeup look in seconds. Aside from his talent he's such a lovely sweet guy, he has an infectious smile and that wink... oh that wink at the end of every video, yes girls you know what I'm talking about! Quite often he will sneak in a naughty innuendo, he knows us girls love it! I found Wayne whilst searching about Bourjois and Chanel and I actually thought he was Australian at first! lol

1. Nicole Guerriero. Nicole is my number one YouTube beauty guru! This is girl is over flowing with personality, she's a total natural in front of the counter. She's extremely talented and is self taught like a lot of people. She's a lover of cats (like myself) her videos are a good mix of drugstore and high end. She's totally honest with all her reviews and she's gorgeous too! I love her videos and have watched her makeup collection videos way too many times that it's actually unhealthy! I found her when I was searching for hair extension reviews and I've been a subscriber ever since! if you're not subbed to her already go sub NOW!

So that's my top 10 beauty gurus on YouTube. It was quite hard to choose the 10 as I follow so many but I went for the ones that I go searching for new videos from and when they haven't put one out I go looking back through to their olders ones.

Part 2 of my I heart YouTube will be my top 10 random YouTubers, because if you haven't gathered I love me a bit of YouTube so I have my other channels that I just adore!

Let me know in the comment section who is your top 3 beauty gurus!

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