March Beauty Favourites

Can you believe it's already March favourites time? Seriously where has this month gone? Where is this year going?! Anyway let's just get straight in to my favourites!

Garnier Miscellar Cleansing Water: I posted a review about this at the beginning of the month which you can find just HERE so I wont go too much in to detail now but all I will say is that I just LOVE this! I use this now every single day and my skin has never felt so clean and soft. Also I've just repurchased this and Savers still have this in stock for £2.99 (it's normally £4.99, still a bargain) so go and pick this up if you have a Savers near by. 

Lush Grease Lightening Spot Treatment: Generally I never suffer with spots, maybe I'll get one or two a year but my chin decided to have a hormonal breakdown this month and break out in not just one huge spot but three! One after another, I'd get rid of one and another would break out!!! How is your luck?! I popped into Lush and was recommended the Grease Lightening Spot Treatment and after using it for two nights my spot had virtually gone! I'm going to post a review on this so I will save all the good stuff for that so keep your eyes peeled!

Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner: I got this with one of my LoveMe Beauty Boxes, think it was the February one and it was the one product I was looking forward to the most in trying out. I'm loving Percy & Reed packaging. It's so cute and bang on trend with the drawn woman image on the packaging. I'd never used a dry conditioner before and wasn't aware that such a thing existed either. I don't wash my hair every day and have very dry hair so I spray this onto my brush and brush it through and it is really helping with keeping my hair conditioned and not dry and also helping to make my hair look softer. I wear clip in extensions too, which I wear most days and I've been using this on them to keep them nice and soft. 

Liz Earle Silky Body Lotion in Vanilla & Saffron:  I actually have a review of the new Liz Earle bath and body range coming up this week so I won't go into much detail here. I have all three of the scents and this is by far my favourite. This has now been my go to body lotion over the past two weeks! But keep your eyes peeled for my review which will be up this week.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer: So I think I may be the last person on this earth to pick this up! I tested it out in Boots back when everyone was raving about it and thought that the consistency seemed way to thick to use as an under eye concealer, my opinion still stands on that one BUT what this is really good at is covering up those awful spots that I've had recently, which is why I rushed out to buy this as soon as the first one appeared! This has probably one of the best coverages from a concealer that I've ever seen. It really does a great job at hiding those imperfections and for the price it's just amazing. I don't know how I would have left the house without this!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl in Nude: I only owned the black Scandaleyes kohl pencil and to be honest I just found it smudged when I use it to line under my eyes, but everything, even shadow smudges, it's something I've learnt to just except!  I wanted a nude liner to line my water line so thought I'd just give this one a go. I actually really like this and it does a good job at staying put. Now it doesn't last all day but I'm wearing my makeup on the days that I'm working for for around 12 hours so I wouldn't expect this to last 12 hours but it lasts a good 6 hours I'd say which is good enough for me! The colour is really nice to and does a great job at making my eyes look more open and bright, which is a god send on days when I'm looking and feeling tired! I've since gone out and bought the purple shade and I love that too!

NYX Stay Matte Powder: For anyone that doesn't know, my holy grail powder is MAC Studio Fix powder. I have oily skin, I like a full coverage and need my makeup to last at least 12 hours but I ran out of my MAC Studio Fix Powder half way through this month and had already over spent so thought instead of rushing out to buy another one I'd just wait until I got paid and use the NYX powder that's been sitting in one of my Muji drawers for months! This is really good, why I neglected it I don't know! It does a great job at keeping my makeup put and gives a good coverage too. I still prefer my MAC Studio Fix but this is a great cheaper alternative!

Zoeva Luxe Highlighter Brush: I featured this in my Makeup Brush Haul just HERE earlier this month and there hasn't been a day gone by that I haven't use this brush! It's now my go to contour brush! The bristles are super soft and the brush washes up great and bounces right back into shape! It' the perfect size to contour my cheek bones whilst helping to blend it in so there are no harsh lines. For the price it's amazing and now that I've purchased a couple of Zoeva brushes, all of which I love, I will be buying more! 

So that's it for my March Beauty Favourites. I've tried to stick to the things that have been my go to products of this month but by far the two products that have been a god send and I don't know how I would have left my house this month have been the Lush Grease Lightening Spot Treatment and the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer... they literally have saved my life this month! Ha!!!

What has been your go to product in March?

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