No7 Lovely Lashes Mascara: The Review!

I popped into Boots the other day and decided to try out the new No7 Lovely Lashes Mascara as part of the 3 for 2 offer boots currently have. 

Now I used to work for No7 for around 7 years, I never really rated their mascaras, but back then they used to only have like four different ones, now I feel like they are bringing a new one out every couple of months! I also feel like they continuously jump on every bandwagon that is around, this time they are jumping on the Argan Oil bandwagon and decided to combine the famous oil with mascara. Now if the two together works then they will be onto a winner, which would result in every other brand out there bringing out their version.... I was intrigued so decided to put my hate for their mascaras aside and give this one a go...

Now firstly please excuse the fact that you can see my reflection in the mascara! The packaging is the same shape as most of their other mascaras and the colour is a  lovely metallic purple, which I like! The mascara wand itself is a standard sized bristle brush. All one size, not too thick and not too thin. The good thing about No7 is everything they sell is hypoallergenic, which means it's suitable for sensitive eyes. 

The claim on this mascara is..No7 Lovely Lashes mascara gives you beautifully soft and glossy natural volume and is enriched with Argan Oil to help nourish your lashes. Argan Oil - Is naturally rich in linoleic acid (Omega-6) and vitamin E and helps to condition the lashes.

Right firstly the mascara itself is very wet, if that makes sense, which made it quite slippery to apply and I ended up getting mascara all over my eyes. I also found that it wasn't a true black, which I dislike, the colour is very much a soft black. It's meant to create volume but for me all it did was add some length (my lashes are relatively long naturally) but no volume at all. The picture above was taken after three coats of mascara was applied... I for one would expect a much more voluminous look after three coats. The first time I used this my lashes just stuck together and did nothing, after using it twice since it doesn't make them stick together as much. I also didn't feel like it gave my lashes a glossy finish at all. I can't comment on whether this is actually conditioning my lashes as after using this for a third time for the purpose of this review I will be chucking this one out so will never know whether it actually conditions my lashes!

I'm not disappointed that I wasn't happy with this mascara as I didn't really expect too much from it from the start but the fact it costs £12.95 and in my opinion it didn't deliver the results that mascaras that cost half this price manage to do, means that the price is way too high! Let's not forget No7 is a drugstore brand, a Boots own brand also so the price of some of their stuff is too high. I used to be the makeup artist for the account I worked on and Boots wanted No7 to be seen as a premium brand, and in some of their products (skincare mainly) they can compete with other premium brands but I've seen their makeup change dramatically (not in a good way) since I stopped working for them over four years ago and I honestly think the price tag on some of their makeup doesn't equate to the quality you would expect to pay for at that price! 

Anyway I don't really like to slate a product but sometimes it needs to be done, after all this is my own opinion and I would expect any of the blogs I follow to put up the odd disappointing review. 

Has anyone else tried this mascara, or any of the other No7 mascaras? What are your opinions of their mascaras?

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