The Day Selfies Officially Took Over The Internet | The No Makeup Selfie

Selfies have been doing the rounds for some time now but this week things seemed to take a dramatic turn... 

Gone were the selfies titled "having a lazy day at home" whilst wearing a full face of makeup, no sign of the girl who has 'accidentally' squeezed the life out of tits with her arms whilst wearing a very low cut top and there was no sign of the god awful pouty lips... don't even get me started on those! Instead my social media feeds were full of the 'No Make Up Selfie' Whilst scrolling through I was a bit like whooooa WTF. I generally don't bother to read the actual titles because they're generally full of the same attention seeking posts but then I noticed that the selfies were actually being posted to raise awareness for Cancer Research!

There may be people who are thinking why would posting a picture of yourself with no slap on raise awareness? Well social media is the best FREE tool for anyone to promote something, or in this case raise awareness for such a worthy cause. We've all seen the shared posts that go viral. Damn I've seen news articles that had forecast the worse snow storms to ever reach Britain be shared over five years AFTER it was printed. People just see a head line and don't bother to read it and automatically press share or re-tweet it! So imagine what thousands of women could do with a hashtag of #NOMAKEUPSELFIE for Cancer Research?

Cancer Research UK aren't the brains behind the selfies but they have welcomed it with open arms by giving us a number to text to ensure our donations have been received.  Cancer Research UK have spoken out and said that since yesterday they have received a million unexpected donations, most of which came from text donations, also a surge in donations were made through their website. The Breast Cancer Campaign has also seen a massive surge from the latest craze and have received over £15,000  in donations so far. Also I know a lot of my friends have been donating to other charities in the hope of bringing some awareness to them too. Now that can't be a bad thing can it?

Apparently it can...

The thing is it's actually come under some criticism, with papers saying people are missing the point, when in fact it's the papers missing the point. Most, and I'll admit not all, the photos have a link in it urging people to donate, those same people are then taking a screen shot of the money they them self have donated. The hashtag has gone viral, thousands of women, and men are actually donating and are urging others to donate too. This may also make people stop and wonder when they last checked their breasts for lumps, or guys check their testicles for lumps. I know I'm not too great at doing that, even after having a scare a few years back but I'd be lying if I said it didn't give me a nudge to have a thorough check. It also reminded me that my smear test is waaaay over due and I picked up the phone this morning and booked myself a smear. People may say that we should just do these things anyway, but how many people do? I know I have a awful memory and have a tendency to put things off and just go about my normal day to day life, that is until I get a sharp reminder that I need to do something. This is what the no makeup selfies did for me, it put it in the forefront of my mind. How many other people did it have the same impact on? I wouldn't call that missing the point at all, I'd call that achieving what it was supposed to do!

For most, posting a no makeup selfie isn't a big deal but me personally posting a picture of myself with no makeup on was a HUGE thing. To me my makeup and hair extensions are kind of like a security blanket, they help hide, well me I guess. I'm extremely conscious of how I look, I hate it, in fact I despise how I look full stop. I will go nowhere without makeup on so for me to strip it all back and show the person behind all the makeup was a massive thing for me to do, it wasn't done lightly and I'll be honest I wasn't going to do it. Then I looked at my news feed and see every women join together in solidarity and put all their fears, vanity and appearance issues aside for such a worthy cause. I mean I was sitting there worried about showing the real me to my friends and there are women, men and children suffering with cancer and losing a big chunk of who they are to this god awful disease, today I've even seen pictures of women posting their post mastectomy pictures! Then there's me worried about my makeup and hair!!! It kind of put things into perspective. I'm very lucky to be healthy and lucky that all of my loved ones around me are healthy too. Others aren't so lucky. So suddenly stripping everything back to basics didn't seem such a big deal. Posting a picture to all my friends wasn't a big deal. Donating and encouraging others to do the same and taking the time to do a check, pick up that phone to book my smear test WAS a big deal!

Let's all help keep this no makeup selfie going viral. Let's spread the word. Let's encourage others to do the same. Remind everyone to do checks at home. Book that doctors appointment that you've been putting off for awhile and on top of all that DONATE so the charities can continue to carry out research. Develop new drugs to help rid cancer. Help those and their families who have been affected by cancer deal with it and make their life a little bit easier.

I'd like to thank some of my friends who put their vanity aside and allowed me to share some of their no makeup selfie pictures for you all to see. Also thanks to my friend Adam who's wife posted this picture and he allowed me to post his makeup selfie too!

Let's keep #NOMAKEUPSELFIE trending and don't forget to add a link for people to donate! Text BEAT to 70099 to donate just £3.00 or alternatively go to the charity of your choice and donate directly. Also I'd just like to add that this shouldn't just be a craze, we should ALL be donating what we can regularly anyway.
How many of YOU posted a #nomakeupselfie and donated too?

Until next time

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