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Quite a while ago I see a post over on Tales Of A Pale Face blog organising a beauty swap. I've seen these kind of swaps over on YouTube and was keen to sign up as I just love my beauty boxes and this would be very similar!

I was paired up with the lovely Kelly who blogs over at Along Came Kelly and after a few email exchanges we agreed on a price of £40, excluding postage and packaging. Neither of us have ever done a swap before so we were a bit clueless in how to arrange this and neither of us really specified what we wanted or didn't want, it was all literally a guess work and research thing!

Finally we both sent off our parcels last week and mine arrived on Friday! I couldn't wait to open it and see what Kelly had picked for me! Kelly picked a really pretty box to put all the products in and it's a box that I can use to store things into as it's really big!

First off when I open the box there was some pretty pink and white polka dot paper on top. I lifted that up to find a packet of haribo starmix which I love. There was another layer of paper and underneath that was all the goodies.

  • Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette. Kelly had obviously checked out my blog and see I'm obsessed with eyeshadows. I really do love these colours and I also love Sleek too. 
  • Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Liner. I love me a liquid liner and I'm constantly purchasing new ones to try out. I've never tried this before though. I've yet to use this but I love that it says that you can create either a thin line or a thick glossy line. The nib on this is totally different to anything I've used before, so I'm keen to see how it performs.
  • L'Oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick. I bought Kelly one of these too, although I think I got her another colour. I have been wanting to buy these for a few weeks BUT have been waiting for L'Oreal to go on a 3 for 2 because I know as soon as I buy them, the following week there will be a offer so I'm just going to wait. I love this. The colour is 201 and is gorgeous Coral/pink shade. We both clearly have great taste!
  • No7 Pop and Glow Cream Blush. Everyone seems to be raving about these new cream blush sticks but I've not tried them yet, I tend to go to powder blusher so I'm not an experience cream blusher person but this is gorgeous and is going to look lovely in the summer when I can get away with not wearing so much makeup. The colour I got was Classic Rose.

  • Rimmell Rita Ora 60 seconds nail polish. I've been eyeing up the new Rita Ora polishes ever since they were launched but never picked them up. I always go and get my nails done at the salon so rarely paint them at home, yet I have a draw full of polishes lol! Although now the sun is making a frequent appearance, the toes will be out too and I always paint them. The two colours are pastel blue and pastel pink which are absolutely gorgeous! 
  • Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail Cream. I should have actually said that I have a ton of hand creams, but never thought to, BUT this is gorgeous! The scent is lovely, it leaves my hands feeling so soft, yet not greasy and it's HUGE so I am pleased with this as I love Almond scent.
  • Botanics Instant Moisture Mist. I've never used a moisture mist before but I can be very lazy in the morning when it comes to applying body moisturiser so something like this would be ideal for when I'm in a rush. You literally just spray it over your body, lightly rub it in and that's it, done! It absorbs into the skin super quick too.
  • Silicon Oven Glove. You're all thinking WTF right?! Luckily Kelly wrote on the label that this was to clean my makeup brushes with! Much like then Sigmas brush glove. Washing brushes is always a chore but I'm actually excited to try this because this might make brush cleaning day no longer a chore! It's pink too, which if you didn't know, I like me a bit of pink :)

 I love that Kelly also wrote a little card for me, which made it all much more special :)
 That's everything! I ate the haribos straight away, so that's why they never made the pictures! Yes they were munch too! I'm really pleased with what Kelly got me. Considering the only thing I told her was that I had oily/combination skin and disliked green eyeshadows. There's a great mix of products here, some of which I would never have bought myself but that's why I like them, because I can now try some things I wouldn't have generally gravitated towards! I'd definitely do another swap again in the future and maybe bring the value of the what we buy each other up.

If you follow this LINK you can go see what I picked for Kelly, which I can't wait to read, I hope she liked everything I picked!

Have you ever done a beauty swap? Is it something you would be interested in getting involved in?

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