Glossy Box | April

So it's two weeks into the month which means beauty box time! First in the post today was April Glossy box. They only sent the first lot of boxes out on Friday so I've yet to see what others have received, unlike usually I have seen a ton of posts by the time I receive my box! So what goodies did I get in the pretty pink box this time...

As per usual there is the Glossy Box magazine which I can take or leave really. I'd much rather an additional product than receive the magazine.


TRESemme Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo 100ml
I'm probably the only person in the whole world who doesn't use a dry shampoo. My hair is over processed, quite thick and very dry so it rarely gets greasy so the need to apply a dry shampoo is never needed. It's a full sized product, so I guess that's a good thing and I know sooo many people use dry shampoos so I can imagine this will be popular. The only use I will get from this is for when I want to back comb my hair I guess? Not for me at all.

Monu Spa Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil 30ml
This actually smells lovely and I do like to soak in the bath with some luxurious oils on days when I want to relax. You can use this either in the bath or prior to bathing, I think as it's quite small I will leave this for just in the bath. Really excited to use this. 

MeMeMeMe Cosmetics Beat The Blues Nail Polish in Pearl Pink 12ml

ANOTHER poxy nail polish, I must have around five nail polishes in the seven months! I often see people complaining about nail polishes on their Facebook page but they don't seem to listen to people! This is full sized, the colour is nice and I would use this unlike some of the other colours I've had in the past. OH and I love the packaging! I will be honest, I've never heard of this brand before, so it will be interesting to see how this lasts.

Unica Cosmetics Radiance Plus (no size on packaging but probably 5 mls)

Another brand I've never heard of, not that's a bad thing as I do like to discover new brands. This is an anti ageing cream, apparently proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles! Well I have these concerns so will be slapping this bad boy all over my forehead where I have lines, which by the way appeared straight after I went to Ibiza so they are alcohol induced!! ;) The ingredients are apparently 100% natural which is always a plus. Shame the sample is so small but I'm keen to try this.

Emite make up Lip Brush (one size)

Another brand I've never heard of but I do love make up brushes, you can never have too many really! The brush has synthetic taklon hair so it will be super easy to clean. I don't use lip brushes but this looks great to use on my eyes to create a sharp line on my shadow or under my eyes so this will be used tomorrow! The brush is worth £17 so I'm very  impressed!

Overall I'm really pleased with this months box, all aside from the dry shampoo, but come on we can't like everything we get can we! This is the first time I've been keen on all of the products bar one this year, the contents also comes to around £37 so Aprils Glossy Box gets a big thumbs up from me and has kept me quiet and moan free this month! ha!!!

If you're subscribed to Glossy Box what did you get this month? Are you happy? What would you like to see more of and less of? 

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