Liz Earle New Bath and Body Collection

Over the past few years Liz Earle have gone from strength to strength and this March saw the launch of their luxury Bath and Body Collection.

 Now a must have brand for most women Liz Earle are famously renowned for their much loved Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish, which makes ups part of their incredible skincare range.  A year and a half ago they started to expand their range by launching their makeup line, then late last summer saw the introduction of their nail polishes (which are amazing!) Realising women were going mental over their new product launches they released the Bath & Body Collection this March

The range consists of a silky body lotion and a creamy shower nectar. There was also meant to be a body scrub launched as part of this range but I believe that the formulation wasn't right so this has been put off until they can get it 100% right. There are three scents for both of these products and believe me these are gorgeous! Apparently the scents were created by the three top perfumers in the world!!! 

I have all three scents and they are:

Tiare and Jasmine, ideal for those who want a really nice clean floral scent using scents that aren't too over powering. This is my least favourite as I'm not that keen on this kind of floral scent.
 Bergamot and Ginger,  ideal for those who love a strong spicy, citrus scent that will linger on your skin for a long time. This will definitely make you feel awake. This is my favourite by far and I use this in the morning to wake me up!
Vanilla and Saffron, ideal for those who like sweet scents (it's not too over powering) and want to really relax. This is a very comforting aroma and I tend to use this when I just want to chill and feel really relaxed. This is my close second favourite.

What makes the Bath and Body Collection different to the normal bath and body products from Liz Earle? These are super luxurious products. They have a spa like scent and feel during and after using them. The first time I used these I actually felt like I had just walked out of a spa, no lie! 

I used a small amount of the shower nectar in my bath whilst it was running and by the time I walked back into the bathroom, it was full of the gorgeous scent which immediately made me feel relaxed! Washing with the shower nectar alone leaves your skin feeling silky soft and then afterwards using the body lotion my skin felt amazing, better than it has felt in a long time!

Now one of the best things about using both of these together is the scent really stays on your skin for a long time. The first time I used these I used the Bergamot & Ginger and I was sat in bed in my pjs and I just kept getting this whiff of the scent. This has never happened before, even after using Soap and Glory products! Using these the following day I could smell the scent on me all day at work and when I say all day, the scent was still there after 8 hours! Aside from the fact these leave my skin feeling lovely and soft, the scent is the main thing that has made me use these every single day!

The one thing I would change if I could would be the shower nectar lid. I find if my hands are wet it can be quite hard to really grip and squeeze the product out. This isn't too much of an issue for me as I only bath (I'm scared of showers) but I can imagine people in showers becoming frustrated when they first use this each time. After each first use though, the product does come out slightly easier.

Both the Shower Nectar and the Body Lotion comes in a 250ml and costs £12.50 for the Shower Nectar and £14.50 for the Body Lotion. You can view the full range just  HERE

Have you tried the new Liz Earle Bath and Body Collection? What is your favourite indulgent bath product that makes you feel like you have been to a spa?

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