The Best Spot Treatment On The Highstreet?

What a name... Grease Lightening! I don't know about you but it makes me want to burst out in the song!

Anyway the other week my chin literally had a hormonal breakdown, as did I at the sight of the mountain that had taken over my chin! By the end of the week I had not one huge spot but THREE of the b******* and I'm not going to lie it all got a little too much for me!

I'm generally quite lucky, I rarely suffer with spots, I might get maybe one or two maximum a year and maybe a slight blemish but I woke up on the Monday and this thing had planted itself on to my chin! Well as the day progresses it grew bigger and bigger and by the end of my shift at work it had the biggest, disgusting head you have ever seen! As I said I rarely get them but when I do it's like they take vengeance on me and tend to stay put for around two weeks!

I wasn't about to let this happen!

I was on my way to Boots when I decided I'd try out Lush. I rarely go in there as the smell can be little overwhelming but everyone raves about Lush and I thought I'd see what deep pore cleansing masks they had, in the hope it would draw all the crap out and I'd be good to go! They didn't have the mask that was suitable for me but the sales assistant recommended the Lush Grease Lightening Spot Treatment  The sales assistant told me she swears by this and explained that all the ingredients are completely natural and won't cause my skin to break out further, which I was worried about as sometimes these spot treatments can be quite harsh on me. She told me this will dry the spot out and the witch hazel in it would help reduce the swelling that was going on around it. 

It comes in a gel formation that is quite cooling to the skin. To apply this you dab the gel onto the skin but don't rub it in, just leave it straight on the skin to dry. It only takes a minute or two to dry. Once it's fully dry it goes very hard and quite tight (the only way I can think of explaining it) and I will admit on the first day I was slightly worried it would dry my skin out like most spot treatments tend to do to me, but this didn't at all. You can clearly smell the Rosemary and Tea Tree Oil when you first apply it but the scent doesn't linger for long. I've since heard that people have been recommended to apply this both morning and night, although I was recommended to apply this just at night. I wouldn't use this during the day because as I said it leaves the area you apply it very hard and not sure how that would look.... mine went quite crusty but I did apply loads!!!

 I applied this over night and the next day the spot had gone down quite a bit. Over the course of the next three days my spot had virtually disappeared, which has never happened before!!! By the weekend the spot had totally gone and the skin around it wasn't dry either, which normally happens when I apply spot treatments! Of course I got two more spots over the course of the week BUT I popped this on over night and I believe this is what prevented them in not turning into a big ball of puss like the first one... I'm sexy I know!

I highly recommended this as it sorted my spots out immediately. I've now taken to applying a very thin layer at night to my chin, more for prevention which is better than cure!

The Lush Grease Lightening Spot Treatment retails at £6.25 for 45g, which I think is quite reasonable!

What do you reach for when you get a breakout?

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