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Following on from my Top Picks | Budget Beauty Brands post last week, which was hugely successful I thought I'd give you my top picks for black eyeshadows.

If you read my blog regularly you'll probably be aware that when it comes down to makeup I'm not the most neutral girl in the town, although I have started to experiment more with neutral colours I honestly feel more comfortable wearing either a bright eye look or a smokey eye. I was planning on doing a makeup look post today but one of my eyes won't stop watering so I looked through my mountains of eyeshadows and the black colours were just jumping out at me. 

I don't know about anyone else but I've always found it hard to find a black that I really love. I want a black with a lot of pigment so that I'm not continuously needing to build the colour up, a black that doesn't have too much fall out, a matte black that is actually easy to blend in and when it comes to black with glitter or shimmer, there often seems to be huge glitter chunks that literally do nothing and look crap! I have a lot of black eyeshadows so I've gone through my collection and picked out the ones that I will tend to gravitate to.

Let's start with the highstreet options.
(The quality of the first picture isn't great but I didn't realise until it was on my laptop, so just ignore my crap photo skills!)
From left to right: Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Timeless Black. Sleek Eye Dust in Outrage. L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Eternal Black. NYX Single Eyeshadow in Matte Black. MUA shade 15
  • MUA shade 15, £1 This shadow is in MUA's pearl formula although there isn't too much sheen from this black, so it's a great option to use if you don't like a flat matte shadow or a shimmery shade. I've said it before MUA eyeshadows are amazing quality for the price. This has a great pigmentation without it being too dramatic, so for those who like a smokey eye but don't want it to be too heavy this is the colour to go for. The fall out is really minimal for a £1 shadow! This is a 2g eyeshadow
  • NYX Single Eyeshadow in Matte Black, £5 I love NYX and I will continue to keep saying that! This is a newish purchase for me and one I wish I had bought ages ago! This is completely matte, no sheen, no shimmer FLAT MATTE and it's amazing! The pigmentation on this eyeshadow is just crazy, there is sooo much! It's really easy to blend in too, although there is some fall out, but you generally get that with black matte eyeshadows and it's nothing too OTT! I love the square packaging of the single eyeshadows also! You get 2.4g of product for just £5 and trust me, this will last a life time as a little honestly goes a long way!
  • L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Eternal Black, £6.99 These are some of my favourite eyeshadows that I have in my collection. This is a black with glitter particles. The glitter doesn't disappear like a lot of glitter shadows and it really shows up on the lid, which I personally love. They're half pressed pigments which I love as you don't get the fall out that comes with a loose pigment but you get the amazing colour pay off! Again a little goes a long way so there is no need to go in heavy handed with this. I love to use this when I want a smokey eye but one that will have a little bling bling!  These are also a complete dupe for the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadows which retail at £26.50 for 4g! There is 3.5g of product in this so it's really great value for the price.
  • Sleek Eye Dust in Outrage, £2.99 These little eyeshadow pigments were my first post just HERE. Sleek do sell a matte black pigment which I own but I prefer this shade. Similar to the finish you get from the MUA shade 15 I mentioned above as it has a pearl finish to it. What I love about this is the more you blend it in, the true the colour comes out (does that make sense?) I mean normally you blend a colour in and the colour will fade, whereas with this the colour becomes truer to what you see in the pot. Don't worry you can soften the colour up, just use a blending brush with no product to it and lightly blend. You need to work fast with this because once the colour has set that's it, it's going no where! Which is also good as you don't need to apply a primer with this! As it's a loose pigment there is fall out, but apply it before you do your base or pop a tissue under your eyes to catch the fall out and you're good to go! You get 6.5g of pigment here.
  •  Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr eyeshadow in Timeless Black, £4.99 So steering away from the powder shadows I really couldn't do this post without giving a nod to Maybellines 24 hour tattoos. This is an amazing eyeshadow which also doubles up as a eyeliner. The colour is a true black and is perfect for anyone wanting to create the ultimate smokey eye look. You can literally just use this eyeshadow all over the eye without the need to use multiple shadows. Apply it lightly to your eyelid, blend in and then apply more colour to the outer V of your eye to darken the look up. These live up to their name and stay put! Again no need for a primer as they are literally tattooed to your eyes! 
 Now moving on the higher end options.

From Left to right: MAC Pigment in Dark Soul. Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Shadow Palette in M7. YSL Pure Chromatics 12. MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon. Makeup Geek in Corrupt.
  • Makeup Geek in Corrupt, $5.99 (£3.57) OK you're looking at the price and thinking I popped this into the wrong section, well I didn't and there is a reason for it. These aren't so freely available as every other eyeshadow on this post as they're based in America, although they offer great shipping world wide (I've had every delivery within a week) So as you can't just pop down to your local Boots store to buy these I decided to pop them here (my logic makes sense to me!) Anyway I posted about the Makeup Geek eyeshadows on my second post just HERE so go read! I LOVE these eyeshadows and love Corrupt as this is hands down the blackest eyeshadow I own and have ever seen, I mean just look at the swatch!!! It's meant to be matte but I broke one of my eyeshadows in my Z palette and the glitter particles from the shadow has gone on to this! This eyeshadow (along with the other MUG shadows) are amazing to blend in and require little work. The pigmentation is crazy and they have minimal fall out. They last really well on the lids with no primer too. The price is deserving for the highstreet section but the quality is totally deserving for the highend section! If you are going to own just one black eyeshadow then this is the one you NEED to own! This is 1.8g
  • MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon, £10-£12.50 No eyeshadow post about black shadows would be complete without the mention of MAC Carbon. Hailed as the blackest black on the market it definitely deserves it's place as one of my top picks. We all know MAC eyeshadows are renowned for their amazing pigmentation, durability, ease of blending and next to no fall out and yes Carbon does live up to all three of those statements BUT for me it's not that black and there are definitely eyeshadows that have a darker pigment. It's probably one of the easiest matt black shadows to blend in that I own and there is no need to prime your lids prior if you don't want to, although I always do as it's just second nature for me to do so. You get 1.5g of product
  •  YSL Pure Chromatics 12, £39 So The darkest shade in this palette is a gorgeous glittery black shadow. The glitter particles are so fine and look amazing on your eyes (the swatch really doesn't do it justice) The colour is quite soft but that's what I love about it. This is actually my favourite palette to create a smokey eye look, all four colours are gorgeous and can be applied dry for a softer look or wet for a really dramatic look. I've not used any of these colours for a while as I don't want to run out of it due to the price but I'd 100% repurchase this as it's just gorgeous! The whole palette is just 3g but it's gorgeous so I don't care about how little product I get for the money!
  •  Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Shadow Palette, £36 So another black eyeshadow from a palette. This is my latest purchase (last Saturday to be exact) This palette has a gorgeous creamy matte black shade named M7. It's a softer black option but it's gorgeous. Firstly as I said this is sooo creamy for a matte shadow, it's a dream to apply and blend in which we all know is hard for matte shadows. There is NO fall out so another big plus. I've not used this without a primer yet but it did last on my eyes all days without any signs of creasing. This will be ideal for those who want a smokey eye but don't want it too dramatic. A full review, along with some eye looks from this palette will be coming soon hopefully. The whole palette is 14g which is really good!
  • MAC Pigment in Dark Soul, £17 I didn't want to mention two from MAC but I couldn't not mention this. This is my most favourite pigment in the whole world! I just love it! The colour, the texture, the finish EVERYTHING! This is a shimmery shade but it looks divine on your eyes. Nine times out of 10 I will always pop this over the top of whatever black shadow I've applied to really make the look pop. It's super black and sultry and if an eyeshadow could be sexy then this would be! As a warning the littlest amount goes a super long way so you don't need to go in heavy handed. It's a pigment so yes there will be fall out, I've dealt with this so you will have to as well, it's just so pretty I honestly don't care if my whole face ended up black as a result of wearing this!!! There is 4.5g

I understand not everyone is into black eyeshadows but I'm also aware that it's hard to find a good black shadow so I hope those who like black eyeshadow found this post helpful. Also I know a lot of people love a smokey eye but struggle to find the right shade so hopefully you would have found at least one shade here that will now be your go to shade :)

What is your favourite eyeshadow to create a smokey eye, dramatic or softer?

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