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Hello my lovelies! Today I thought I'd write a post about my top budget beauty brands. We all desire high-end products and the packaging that goes along with them but quite often our purse strings just don't allow us to over indulge in them, so what do we want? Purse friendly beauty with a high-end quality.. or as good as!

Now I love me a bit of sleek. They are one of the few budget brands that have succeeded in making the packing look, erm, sleek! It doesn't look cheap. it doesn't look tacky.. it actually looks premium! Out of all of the products I've tried from Sleek, I haven't been disappointed with them at all and a few have made their way into my go to make up look on a daily basis! Up until recently you could only purchase Sleek direct from their website or from Superdrugs (I'm not sure how many stores have a stand, my local store does) but Boots are now stocking Sleek too which means POINTS! I do love getting my points! Although my local branch (Bluewater) doesn't have a stand yet, hopefully they will soon! The price, the quality and the packaging tick all of my boxes, they just need to further expand the range, which hopefully they will do eventually.

A few of my favourites from Sleek

Ok there are some people who wouldn't class NYX as a budget brand and their are others who would. Well I would class it as a kind of budget brand, it's like the high-end of budget brands, it's the L'Oreal of Boots! ha! I LOVE NYX!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so wish they actually had make up counters in stores, I know they are in some Next stores but it's a shitty stand that is never kept tidy and there is no-one around who can offer you advice. If I could work for another make up brand it would be NYX! The pigmentation in their eyeshadows especially are bang on the money! I love the packaging too, it's not cheap looking and looks nice. They have a wide variety of products which I like, I just think they are lacking on the foundation side of things, so I'd like to see that change. They also do some of the best lip products on the market. 

A few of my favourites from NYX

Currently ELF is only available online for the UK (not sure about the rest of the world) which makes buying from ELF a tad bit frustration at times. Their delivery times kind of suck (although my last order arrived sooner than past orders) and they are out of stock of half of what you want most of the time! This is mainly down to 1. them being very popular and 2. the amount of offers they do. There's rarely a month go by without some form of offer from 20% off all the way up to 50% off, so of course things will sell out uber fast with deals like that! I mean sometimes they are literally giving away their products to us! Most people will know that ELF can be very hit and miss but I do think they're a great brand who offer some really good products. Some of the packaging can be a bit meh BUT some is nice. I especially like the blusher packing, which is virtually the same as NARS! When I first discovered ELF I literally had a huge package coming through my door virtually every other week... I've calmed down now! ha! One thing I wish they would do was have the name of the product written on the packaging because half of it doesn't and it really frustrates me!!!

A few of my favourites from ELF

MUA are renowned for their £1 line actually being high quality, I mean how many times do you find seriously cheap make up that is actually good?! Ok the packaging it self for most of the cheaper products is very meh but when you're paying a £1 for a eyeshadow who really gives a f@*%???? A brand where their most expensive product is around £6, this is hands down the ultimate budget brand. Yet as I said some of their products are actually really good! Their £1 eyeshadows and £4 eyeshadow palettes are amazing and the pigmentation on them is just crazy. I wish there was a brand like this when I was a teenager, I mean I had to settle for poxy market makeup aka Constance Caroll! I will admit I don't really use many of their products on a day to day basis but I do have a fair few of their products in my collection.

A few of my favourite from MUA

Rimmel is a cult favourite amongst teenagers and adults. The low priced makeup has been around for years and if you walk in to a Boots store there is always a crowd around the stand. Why? because it's bloody good that's why! From their 60 seconds nail polishes, to their Stay Matte Powders to their Scandaleyes eyeliners, there really are some amazing products in their line. The price range is great too and quite often Boots will have a 3 for 2 just on their brand or across their self selection stands which makes it even more of a bargain! Rimmel was the brand I always wanted to wear when I was a teenager but could never afford it! ha!! Their packaging is ok, nothing special but nothing too tacky.

A few of my favourites from Rimmel

That's it for my Budget Beauty Brands Top Picks! I do understand that not all are what people would class as 'budget' but they are all in my opinion 'purse friendly' and wanted to offer a variety of brands in this post.

Before anyone mentions Makeup Revolution... I've just done a small order so awaiting those to arrive and I'm sure if I'm happy with my order a larger order will be placed! ha!!

What is your favourite budget brand? 

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