30 Day Spending Ban Update and Wish List!

As of the 28th April I vowed to take a 30 day spending ban, which you can read my original post and the reasons why I put myself on the ban just HERE. So 16 days into the ban how have I got on? If you follow me on Twitter you may already know...

Well I'm proud and astonished to say that I haven't been spending! I'm totally shocked with this. I tend to buy something, whether it be large or small nearly every single day, every other day at least and to go over two weeks without popping into any shops is an achievement! I work in a department store within Bluewater.. the largest shopping centre in Europe and I still haven't failed so far, so I think I deserve a round of applause right now!

I didn't realise how hard it would be. I have been going home straight from work and not doing detours into the many shops that I have to pass on my way through the centre. I'm also surrounded by gorgeous products all day, every day and I still haven't failed! I started my dental treatment last Thursday and my next two appointments are on thursday. My treatment is going to cost me just short of £3200, obviously I'm not paying this off all in one go but because I didn't bother to save up the £960 deposit, it needed to come out of this months wages, so I simply can't be off shopping. If I do then I can kiss my deposit for the treatment goodbye.

I've run out of my cleanser, conditioner, my favourite bronzer and a few other of my favourite bits but instead I've just 'shopped my stash'. I'm hoping I go the full 30 days, I have 14 days left and if I fall at the last hurdle I'll be very disappointed. I also hope this teaches me a lesson. 1. Don't ignore your teeth, especially when a filling falls out... 2. That I really do not need to spend 3 quarters of my wages, which I currently do on makeup, clothes etc..

Anyway seeing as I can't be off shopping, it hasn't stopped me from browsing the internet for goodies (I'm sure this is just punishing me even more!) So I've produced a wishlist for the things I currently want and plan on buying in the coming months!

NARS Laguna I've had the Bobbi Brown bronzer and I've just run out of my MAC mineralized bronzer so next on the list for highend bronzers is NARS Laguna! I've never tried this but everyone raves about it so I will be buying this at either IMATS or when NARS finally comes to my store!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Blonde Any blonde out there will know how hard it is to find a suitable brow pencil and although I love my Sleek Eyebrow Stylist I need to try the Brow Wiz as this is meant to be AMAZING! Although I kind of hope it's not so that I can stick with my £5.99 one and save me some money!

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado I have a seriously dehydrated eye area and ever since I see the adorable Zoella mention this eye cream in her monthly favourites I've wanted it! I have a Kiehls counter in my store so my good friend, who's the manager kindly gave me a few samples of this and I'm loving it so far and have already started to see a slight difference after just one week.

Kiko Cosmetic Infinity Eyeshadows In case you wasn't aware I have an obscene obsession with eyeshadows, I will do my collection one day, but eyeshadows is pretty much what I buy the most of, so I'm always on the look out for new shades and brands. I hadn't heard of Kiko until last week and now I need them! I love that they have a build your own Eye Palette that comes in different sizes, so that you can create your own custom made palette. The picture above was the palette I made myself on the website. There is 96 shades available so choosing 9 shades was hard to do! Don't worry I haven't ordered it yet. It's sitting in my basket just waiting...

Wayne Goss The Eye Set I also have an obsession with makeup brushes and I adore Wayne Goss and his brush line, you can read the review of the brushes I currently own from his range just HERE Anyway Wayne launched a Face and an Eye set the other month and I'm just craving the eye set soooo badly! But at £90 for the set it may be a little while until I buy it. But don't worry, I will have this!

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette What did I say about eyesahdows?! Do I think I will wear these bright electric eyeshadows on a day to day basis? Nope! But do I need this? Yes I really do! That's it really!

Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush Again another highly rated product that thanks to the bloggers and YouTubers out there for making me want and need! Choosing a colour was hard as they are all gorgeous but Luminous Flush jumps out to me! This is the one brand that I'm keen to try more of their products and I'm frilled that a counter will be joining my store this summer so I'm sure I will go a little crazy when it does come in!

Anyway that's it! Keep your eyes peeled for my final update, which will be whether I went the full 30 days or not, plus a little huge shopping haul will no doubt be gracing this blog soon after!

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