April Beauty Favourites!

So here we are again, monthly beauty favourites time! These are some of my favourite posts to read so I hope you enjoy my April favourites! This post also marks my four month Blogging anniversary! I honestly don't know where the time has gone! 

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum I'm going to be honest here, on a daily basis I generally don't use anything from my own perfume collection.. why? because I work in a department store, right near the perfume department so instead of wasting my own perfume I use theirs, multiples times a day! Anyway, I have my favourites but over the past two weeks I've been using Prada Candy. This is a very has a very strong sweet scent and a little goes a long way and trust me, this scent lingers on you for a long time. I also smoke, so this is ideal to cover up that awful smell (others opinions not my own) so that when dealing with customers, they aren't overwhelmed by the cigarette scent! I sound sexy I know! I actually managed to pick up the 80ml version of this back at the end of the summer in the sale for just £45 and considering this retails at £76.50 I really did get a bargain!

L'OrĂ©al Paris Triple Active Fresh Ultra-Hydrating Gel-Cream 50ml I recently switched around my skincare completely and a full post on that will be coming soon. I have oily skin but it's very dehydrated, which is down to my lifestyle, lack of sleep, not drinking another water, smoking and indulging in the odd alcoholic beverage and as I'm not willing to change that any time soon I thought a skincare switch up would be the answer. I've been using anti ageing creams for years now so decided to switch my moisturiser for one specifically for oily skin. The gel formation is something I used many years ago and I've now remembered how lovely gels feel on my skin. This is a water based product so it really is hydrating my skin, without adding oil to it and I have to say I have noticed a massive difference. The dehydration lines are starting to disappear and my skin as a whole is starting to look much more healthier and radiant, in a non oily way! This is super lightweight so I really recommend this for anyone with a oily/combination skin.

Natural World Moroccan Argan Oil Moisture Repair Hair Treatment Oil 100ml I've run out of Philip Kingsley Elastizer and also have none of my Ojon Restorative hair treatment left so thought I should just shop my own collection! I'm all about anything that's argan oil or morrocan oil and this lightweight hair treatment has left my hair feeling silky soft. You can use this before washing your hair as a pre wash hair treatment or run it through your hair after you've washed it. I've been using it before washing. I have to be honest, this kind of smells like the Ojon Restorative treatment which I personally love! My frizziness has definitely been tamed and my hair is feeling a lot more hydarted (I have very dry hair) I got this from Savers for £3, which is a bargain, especially as this is also paraben free. If you have dry or damaged hair then I would give this a try!

 Revlon Colour Burst Matte Balm in Sultry Just in case you missed the memo, I love the Revlon Matte Balms and reviewed them just HERE but at the time I hadn't purchased the shade Sultry... well this is fast becoming my favourite out of all the shades I now own! The amount of compliments I've received when I've been wearing this is unreal! the colour is perfect and the staying power is amazing too! I get around 6 hours wear from this, which I think is great! It also doesn't dry my lips out like other matte lipsticks can tend to do! If you want to see this on then take a peek at my FOTD look just HERE

Benefit Coralista Blusher I only purchased this at the beginning of the month after seeing lot's of reviews on this and there hasn't been a day that I've not worn this! No lie, I've worn this every single day since I bought this! I just love it!!! The smell is gorgeous, the packaging is lovely and the colour is beautiful! The sheen this adds to my skin is amazing. As I said above I have oily skin, so clearly I wear matte foundations and powders BUT I do like to add a subtle sheen to my skin to make me look healthier and this is perfect for achieving that! I should slow down using this otherwise I'll hit pan!

Finally I have a favourite that you can't actually buy but these have received so many mentions and compliments over this past month that I couldn't not mention them! 

My nails! I get my nails done at my local nail salon all the time and I tend to match my nails when there is a new ghd limited edition launch (whom I work for) not only is this my favourite limited edition colour styler but it's also my favourite nail colour that I've had for quite some time! I love me a bit of purple too so of course I was like yeah I need to go and match my nails to these! I just love them sooooo much! 

So that's it for my April favourites. Has anything I've mentioned been your favourites this month?

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