Blank Canvas Cosmetics Makeup Brushes! Sigma Dupes?

I have a slight addiction to make up brushes so when I discovered Blank Canvas Cosmetics last summer via YouTube I was very excited, especially as I love to discover new brands.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics are an online make up brush brand based in Ireland that also sell a small amount of make up, which I'm yet to actually try. Their prices are amazing and occasionally have discounts across their lines. I'm pretty sure they had a 30% discount when I first ordered from them. 

What actually caught my eye was the fact the brushes were very similar to Sigma brushes. I'd go as far to say that some of their brushes are exact dupes of Sigma brushes, at a fraction of the price! A lot of their brushes are very similar to MAC too. I placed three orders with Blank Canvas Cosmetics, or BCC as some people call them over a matter of two months, and to be honest my next order is waaaaay over due, especially as they try to release new lines every month.

Just a side note some of the brushes I own are now called something different, but they are the same brushes. 
Is a a medium sized tapered brush that is ideal for applying shadow to the crease. This is also a really good to use as a blending brush. I own two of these as I really liked how this applied shadow to my crease. The hairs are really soft, but firm enough to get a precise application. This is a dupe for the Sigma E40 Tapered Blending brush.

Every brand out there has a MAC 217 equivalent and this is BCC version, in fact it's a pretty good dupe for it! It's a lovely soft fluffy blending brush that is amazing at blending in your eyeshadows to ensure no harsh lines. The bristles are softer than my MAC 217, which I actually prefer. Blending out the darkest shadows is really easy with this brush, so much so that I bought another one of these! This is actually great at applying cream shadow too and whenever I use my Maybelline Colour Tattoos this is the brush I use! I do have one issue though, the bristles don't wash back as tightly as I'd like This is a dupe for the Sigma E25  

Another dupe for a MAC brush and this time it's the 239 brush, although I will admit that the E24 isn't quite as dense as the MAC 239 but it's still a pretty good dupe! I really love this brush, again I now own two of them (I did say I love brushes!) This is a great brush to pack colour on to your lids, especially if it's a glitter or pigments as it prevents there being too much fall out. I've not used this for anything other than powder shadows so I don't know how this will perform with cream shadows.  This is a dupe for the Sigma E55

Yes you guessed it, I own two of these too! ha! I tend to use this with the darkest colour to the outer V of my eye because the brush is small enough for me to create a really precise finish. The brush is dense enough to pack on the colour but soft enough to lightly blend it in, although I tend to use this just to lay the colour down. This is also really good at smoking your eyeshadow underneath your lash line. I also use this to apply a highlight colour to the inner part of my eye, near the tear duct AND I've now been using this to apply a highlighter on my brow bone, because the size is ideal enough to define underneath my brows! For such a small brush this a great multi functional brush! Not an exact dupe but similar to the Sigma E56

Ok I only have one of these! I think most brands now have a short pencil brush so there isn't much I feel like I can add to this brush. It's great for applying and smudging out colour underneath the lower lash line and also it's really good for applying precise colour to the outer V area of your eye, which is what I tend to use this more for. My only issue is that the brush is no where near as dense as my MAC 219 brush and I believe pencil brushes should be nice and dense but it's still a good brush Dupe wise, although not as dense either would be the Sigma E30

I never really used this back when I bought this but have recently started using this since I started using gel liners on a regular occasion. Now this brush is AMAZING! It's nice and dense so achieving a super thin line with this is easy BUT it does has enough flex to it so that you can create a gorgeous cat eye flick too! I wipe this brush after every use and the brush hairs have not altered in the slightest! This is an exact dupe for the Sigma E10

I never actually ordered this brush but I received it free with my second order, which was great as I actually would never have ordered this beforehand, but now, well I want me another one! To look at this brush is nothing special but to use it's just amazing!!!! I tend to use a tapered crease brush first and then I go in with this brush with a slightly darker colour directly into the socket, not above it or underneath it, bang in the socket (make sense) I do this when I really want to define my eye look or when I'm building up the colours to create a smokey eye. The brush is quite flimsy so on paper it shouldn't work but somehow it really does! I have just noticed that the brush is now made from synthetic hairs (mine is natural hair) so I'd be really interested to know how the new brush performs. This is a exact dupe for the Sigma E36

All of the eye brushes that I currently own are made from high grade cruelty free goat hair

The set above is slightly different to the set I bought, now they offer different colours and you have the option of adding an additional brush. The brushes that came in my set when I bought them was the F22 Dome Face BrushF21 Angled Contour Face Brush and the F23 Pointed Tip Face Brush all of which you can buy separately. I'm pretty sure just looking at them you can see what dupes they are of the sigma brushes... Sigma Kabuki Brushes these are EXACT dupes, there is NO difference between any of them! I will be honest, I'm not really into using brushes for applying my foundation so I don't get a lot of use out of these, I really just use them to blend in afterwards, especially around the hair and jaw line. I do  use the F23 Pointed Tip Face Brush occasionally to apply my concealer under my eyes, as the pointed tip allows you to get right up under your eyes. Even though I don't use these very often it doesn't mean they aren't good brushes, it's just I prefer to use my fingers to apply my base. They wash up really well, I've lost no hairs and they bounce right back into shape. The two foundation brushes are really dense so great for use with powder and liquid products. I do know from reading other peoples opinions on these that they are very much loved! So I'd say these were a must for anyone who likes to use a brush to apply their base products. These brushes are also synthetic brushes.

I love this brush! I use this daily to contour with. I tend to use a smaller brush for the hollows of my cheeks on days that I want a precise contour but then I go in with this to blend it out and then to apply bronzer to my temples. The tapered brush means that it's super easy to contour with but also blend it out too. I use this on a daily basis! Dupe wise, this is an exact match for the Sigma F25

Wow, this post ended up being longer than I had intended, but I wanted to give my honest opinions and detailed review of each of the brushes I own. For the price these are amazing. They look sleek and expensive and wash up really well too. I've lost a few hairs here and there but nothing major. I love that BCC are updating their lines frequently too. There is quite a few new brushes on their website that I'm keen to try so I will have to place another order eventually. If you're looking for some great brushes that look expensive and feel expensive but don't want the price tag to go with it then I'd definitely go check out their website just HERE They sell all brushes separately or as part of sets too so go check them out!

Have you tried any brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics before? 

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