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Ever since the British Beauty Blogger posted a review of Benefits They're Real Push Up Liner that isn't launched until the end of June everyone has kind of gone mad waiting for the launch, well as soon as I saw Benefits top secret launch it reminded me an awful lot of the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Pen that I had bought two months before.

I'll be honest this sat in my makeup drawer for three weeks until I actually got round to trying it, #bloggerproblems! I generally have no problems applying a straight line when it comes to any liner format, be it pencil, liquid or gel but I know others do have difficulty so this could be the product those people have been waiting for?

Well not really! I don't like to slate a product but this really isn't foolproof at all. 

The pen comes with quite a large slanted flexible plastic tip and within the tip there is a slit that the gel liner comes out of. To get the product out you turn the end of the pen . Now you don't want to make the same mistake as I did and turn the screw too many times as you will be left with excess product that will just go to waste. One and a half turns will bring enough product out for one eye. 

As I said the plastic tip is far too big. As soon as you put it on your eye it takes up too much space so if you like a very fine line then this is not for you. I've tried several different ways to try to create a thin line but it's just not happening for me at all. Also I just can't seem to get the line on my lid to be straight and the more I tried to correct it the thicker it got, which I really disliked. Now I also like to create a feline flick as it just elongates my eyes. Well trying to create a flick is near impossible! You can create a flick but it's just too thick, unless that's the look you're after then of course you will be fine. The gel dries super fast so trying to tidy up any mistakes it's pretty impossible too.

The colour itself is a really nice intense black, which I like and always want in a liner, so I guess it ticks at least one box.

I really wanted to like this, the idea is good, it's just the the tip is just far to big to create anything other than a thick line. The fact it's too hard to get a straight line is really frustrating and this is from someone who has no problems with other products, see my makeup looks for proof! Personally I would not recommend this at all. I hope Benefits They're Real Push Up Liner is better than Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. The tip on Benefits does look slightly smaller in the picture so I'm hopeful. 

Have you tried the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner? Has any other brand brought out a pen similar? 

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