What's in my bag?

By nature I'm a very nosey person so the What's in my bag posts or YouTube videos are some of my favourites. It can give you a really good insight into someone, as normally what we carry about with us is what is generally some of our most important possessions and also it's pretty shocking how much stuff people can store in their bags.

So first off the bag that holds my whole entire life in is the Michael Kors Hamilton in Tan I got this bag for Christmas from my boyfriend and was so shocked that he got this for me as it had actually sold out of everywhere!

  • So first out of the bag is obviously the biggest thing, my iPad. This is actually my work ipad, I do have my own iPad but ghd gave me my one so that I can do all my reports etc on. I don't always carry this with me but it was a Sunday which is the day I compile my weekly reports and sales figures which hopefully are great figures, sadly last week it wasn't, although this week will be and I've hit my month!
  •  DKNY purse. This holds soooo much! It has so many card slots, little compartments and a big section to hold all my change in.
  • Key. This is the key to my boyfriends place, which is looking rather lonely there all on it's own!
  • Tangle Teezer. I go nowhere without this, it has literally  saved my life, especially as I wear extensions! I don't know how I survived without it!
  • iPhone. Well what can I say? I never go anywhere without this bad boy!
  • My ghd lanyard. This is for work and it holds my two locker keys. Which I've just realised, I have two lockers and should really leave one of them in my draw at work just in case I forget my main locker key! It really does seem pointless having both my locker keys on me...
  • Redbull! Anyone who is reading this who knows me, knows I can't function without redbull! I drink far too much of this and am addicted to it! This is the new calorie free can so was trying this out... it tastes no different!
  • Extra Trebor Strong mints. I need these as I smoke and don't want to overwhelm any customers with the scent and these really do freshen up my breath!
  • Boots lipsalve. I suffer with dry lips so will go nowhere without this. I've tried other brands but nothing has ever moisturised my lips like this does. It's a mint flavour too so it tastes lovely! 
  • L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in Fuschia drama. I got this as part of my Beauty Swap and I just love this! I have a few more shades now so keep your eyes peeled for a review!
  • Primark sunglasses and case. I break sunglasses like you wouldn't believe so refuse to pay a fortune for them and these seem to do the job just fine, not that we've had a lot of sun lately, but at least I'm prepared!
  • Blackberry. No I'm not one of those who owns two phones! This is my work phone. I hate this thing with a passion! For starters have you seen my nails? if not go check out my April Favourites and you will see why me and this do not get on very well! This goes everywhere with me as I do get a lot of calls/emails regarding work and also it's saved my life many a time when my iPhone has died and at least I have a back up if I need to make calls/texts etc.
  • Cigarettes and lighter. As I said I smoke, clearly I go nowhere without these!
  • Soap & Glory 2 in 1 hand cream. I love this hand cream, not only does it smell gorgeous but it leaves my hands feeling so soft.
  • 2 scratch cards. I don't buy these very often but when I do I seem to not be able to just buy one! Anyway I spent £8 and won £8 ha! At least I didn't end up worse off!
  • Passport. I know I shouldn't carry this around with me but it's the only form of ID that I currently have and you can bet your bottom dollar that the day I don't have this some stupid prat will ID me for cigarettes, and yes it has happened several times! Clearly people are blind!
  • Headphones. Yes these are pink, I love pink! I seem to have no luck with headphones and over the past 5 months have gone through 8 pairs! These are 3 weeks old so I'm hoping that they will survive a little bit longer than the last seven pairs!
  • Hair grips. You know that there is always a time when you need a hair grip and you don't have any so I always carry a few with me just in case!

So that's it! I have bared my soul to you all! You will notice that aside from the lipgloss I have no other makeup on me. Well one, my makeup tends to stay on pretty well and two I work next to a ton of beauty counters so if I ever need to touch up I just pop over to one of the counters and help myself, after all I'm sure you can imagine plenty of the girls come over to me and want their hair done, especially at the weekend, so unless I'm going out straight from work or if I'm elsewhere I don't carry any with me.

What are the two things that are the most important items in your bag?
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