6 easy steps to create the perfect winged eyeliner...

Happy Sunday my lovelies! If you follow my blog regularly and have seen some of my makeup looks, you will notice that I'm very rarely not wearing a winged eye liner. Be it teamed up with a full on eyeshadow look or liner just on it's on, winged eye liner is my thing... I also get a lot of messages from friends and comments from people on how I manage to get my winged eye liner perfect, so as I hate to disappoint I'm posting 6 easy steps to create the perfect winged eye liner...

 You may also have seen a lot of post's with the hashtag I was contacted by the team at Fragrance Direct and invited to enter their new competition. Amazingly they're on the look out for the new face of Fragrance Direct, along with being the new face of Fragrance Direct the winner will also win some AMAZING prizes!! In order to become the new face they are asking us, the beauty bloggers to create a tutorial of our favourite makeup look, and as I said above winged eye liner is my statement look also, a lot of people struggle at achieving the perfect winged eye liner so I thought this would be the perfect entry!

  • Step 1: Place the tip of the liner to the corner of your lashes and hold the eye liner at a slight upright angle and gently press the liner on to your skin, then gently pull the liner up slightly.
  • Step 2: By holding your liner in this angle it means that you actually don't need to do much work as the shape of the liner and angle has virtually created the wing for you already! Don't worry if the line isn't dark enough, this is just giving you the outline of the wing, you can go back later and darken the colour up if you wish.
  • Step 3: Holding the liner in a straight line, press the liner on to the outer third of your upper lash line and extend the liner backwards so that it joins up with the flick that you created in step 2.
  • Step 4: Now you can see the line is starting to form. Pull your skin backwards so that it smooths out your lid, which will help you create a straight line. I find that pulling my skin backwards really helps with creating a straight line, this is a great tip for beginners!
  • Step 5: Working from the inner corner of your eye, use the thin tip of the liner to extend the liner back and join up with the rest of your liner. You can then thicken up the line from the middle to the outer corner if you want to.
  • Step 6: Pop some mascara on and that's it you're done and have hopefully  created a perfect winged eye liner look!

 I find it so much easier to work gradually rather than attempting to create the line in one go!

The eye liner I used is my favourite liquid liner, L'Oreal Perfect Slim Liner in Black
For me this is the perfect eye liner, it's a super thin felt tip liner with enough flexibility to help you with your application. I love that it has a super thin tip, which makes such a difference and since using this I manage to get my eye liner right 99.9% of the time! I hope you found these steps helpful and let me know if they worked for you! :)

This competition is open to all bloggers, so I think you should all enter and if you do please send me your links! For  the full T&Cs go to http://www.fragrancedirect.co.uk/page/competition

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