Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara | The Review!

 Up until recently I've never tried a mascara from Bourjois, I know, it's shocking right! But that's now changed as I picked up the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara as part of my No More Spending Ban | The Makeup Haul! as it was on offer and I have a weakness for anything that is on offer!

I was immediately drawn to the packaging, it just looks so sleek and not drugstore like at all, don't you think? The silver and orange packing is very pretty. That's one thing I do like about Bourjois, there packaging tends to be a little more desirable than some of the other drugstore brands.

The brush as you can see is very different to any other brushes on the market, it comes with round plastic balls on the bristles (spherical bristle) in between the normal normal bristles. The round balls are supposed to wrap every single lash with mascara whilst the normal bristles will help separate and define your lashes, resulting in clump free lashes. I'm generally not drawn into gimmicks like this at all but I'll be honest I did buy it because of the unique brush and also I'm kind of a mascara junky!

One thing I did like about the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara was that it lasted all day and didn't smudge at all, and we've had a few hot days this past week where sometimes my makeup will start to slide, but this didn't at all. I love that it really lengthens my lashes but I do find that it doesn't do the best job at defining my lashes, which is what it's meant to do. I normally apply two coats of mascara and allow each coat to dry first before applying another, I found that if you wait between coats with this that's when you will get clumping so recommend not waiting too long between coats.

My overall opinion is that it's an ok mascara, it's not the best and it's not the worse out there but I don't think I'd rush out to buy another one, especially at it's full price of £9.99. Luckily I bought this when it had £3, which as of writing this the offer was still on in Boots. I have mascaras cheaper that do a better job so would opt for those over this. As I said it's ok, just nothing special.

So the mascara hunt continues, what's your favourite drugstore mascara?

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