June Glossy Box!

 It's that time of the month that I look forward to, no not that woman thing we deal with but it's beauty box time and first through the post on Monday was Glossy box!

We all know Glossy Box can be a little hit and miss with their selection of products and quite often I sit there wondering if they even bothered to read through my profile, something I think most of us think but every once in a while I'm pleased with the majority of what's in my box and Junes Glossy Box addition was one of those months!

As per usual the box comes with the magazine, which I rarely read and the menu card. I try not to even look at the menu card  until I've opened my box as I really do want to be surprised! One thing I do like is the presentation that goes into our Glossy Boxes, I can't be the only person who loves the boxes... not that I need more boxes, but I like them non the less!

  • So first off out of the box is Rituals Qi Gong-Spray which is a deodorant infused with white loyus and yi yi ren. I have no idea what yi yi ren is but it sounds cool right? I actually really like this, I wore this today and it really did work a treat, especially when the sun reared it's head! I also like the miniature deodorants (although this says it's full sized) as they come in handy for nights away.
  • Second was the Pro: Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo, as a blonde I like a purple shampoo, especially when I'm due to get my colour re-done. I've just bought a new shampoo but I will deffo be giving this a go.
  • Next up was Nailgirls 3 in 1 base/topcoat & nail strengthener. This is the dud in the box for me, not because I've not heard of Nailgirls before but because I already have a ton of base/top coats and I never use them as I get my nails done at the salon (which I stated on my profile) and will never use this, so this will just go in the over flowing box of products I'll never use!

  • Then we have So Susan Cosmetics Universal Blush, straight away I loved the box it came in (you can see it in the first picture up at the top) I had high hopes when I see this and then I pulled it of the box and was like ohhh... what a let down! the packaging really doesn't live up to the box and I expected more. The colour at first glance did nothing for me and then I swatched it, and the product feels nice and the colour is ok, just not sure if it's a me colour though. I plan on wearing this tomorrow so fingers crossed it doesn't come up too pink on my cheeks. It is a pretty colour though, just not sure if it's me. I will update when I have used it.
  • Finally I got Teeez Trend Cosmetics Flat Stiff Brush. Now I love the design of this brush, it's really different, which I like. I have never heard of this brand before, but that's one of the reasons why I get Glossy Box so that I can try new brands. I used this today and have to be honest it's quite stiff and wouldn't work as a blending brush (which I thought at first glance that it would) as it's a little too rough BUT it worked amazing with the shadow I wore today, which was one of my YSL palettes, which just so happens to be quite glittery. The brush really picked up the glitter, which I loved so think this brush will be great for pigments and glitter shadows.

So I got three out of five full sized products which was good and the total value of my box came to around £49 which is impressive! I think this is the highest valued box I've had before.

What did you get from your Glossy Box this time, if you subscribe to Glossy Box that is?

Until Next Time
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