My day at IMATS London

Saturday was IMATS day, a day I'd been looking forward to for ages!

The plan was to arrive at IMATS for 8:15am, which meant me getting the 6:48 train from home, so I was up VERY early, actually I only had an hours sleep due to Frozen's song 'let it go' being stuck in my head for the whole night! So yes I was VERY tired, yet still excited as this was my first time going to IMATS. I was totally useless and took hardly any photos, due to being super excited and half asleep! The queue was huge when we got there but as soon as they opened up the doors the queue went down so fast.

I was honestly like a kid in a sweet shop when I got into the arena! I knew I wanted to go to Inglot first as I've been lusting over their eyeshadows for ages now! Inglot had between 30-50% off which was amazing! I visited NARS and was so disappointed with their stand. It was tiny, which meant it got way too crowded. They didn't have half of their normal stocked lines there but had a lot of discontinued or limited edition makeup. I think the discount there was 30%, which was amazing BUT as I said, they didn't have the best selection to choose from.

Next was LoveMakeup. I headed straight for the Zoeva brushes and was hoping to pick up a few sets but by the time I got to them, which was only 30-45 minutes after opening, they had sold out of the sets. I actually visited their stand twice, and bought both times! After leaving LoveMakeup, I wanted to go to NYX, but that queue was ridiculous, they had the largest queue out of all stands. I got talking to another girl and she said she queued for just under an hour! I love NYX but nothing is worth queueing for that long! I did keep popping back but yeah, the queue just didn't get any smaller.

All those people were queueing for NYX

MAC and Bobbi Brown disappointed me the most, for different reasons. Bobbi Brown didn't have any discounts for non Bobbi Brown Pro card holders, although you could sign up on the day for a reduced price, I didn't want to pay to get discount... they had one thing for half price, which yes I bought! The staff there were lovely though, which was a total opposite to MAC! Well a few of the MAC staff were nice BUT one of them pissed me off. It was a guy with pale purple lips that stood firmly in front of the lipstick stand and was so rude when I said "Can I get to the lipsticks please" and was rudely told, "erm there is a queue..." a queue to look at the lipsticks? There wasn't queues for any other section of MAC. Well I queued, there was only two people in front of me. When I was next, I told him I didn't need help yet and just wanted to look at them, swatch and see what ones I wanted and guess what.. the rude C*** wouldn't let me, he told that only he could show me the lipsticks and that it wasn't a self selection stand... was the guy for real? I can only look at lipsticks if he helps me.... like seriously??? I told him where he could stick his lipsticks.. ha! Rude bastard! MAC did have 15% off everything, which was better than Bobbi, so I picked up a couple of bits, but the stand was so busy, especially by the eye makeup I just didn't have the patience to stand and wait, as the tiredness had really set in!

I had to pop over to the crown stand and actually wish I picked up more than I did, I did get a few brushes but wish I bought more now. They had some great makeup palettes and am now kicking myself that I didn't pick up more, although my bank balance is pleased I didn't!

Aside from the makeup stands there were some amazing special effects makeup going on, but like I said I wasn't thinking straight and stupidly didn't take many pictures!

By around 1pm me and my friend was starving so decided to leave and popped over to Covent Garden to get some lunch before heading home! We went to Henry's which I love. The food was delicious as usual!
 Me and my friend went on different trains home, I'm not sure how I managed to stay awake for the train journey home! When I got home I had a lovely bath, with some Lush bubble bars that I bought the day before, then I got in my pyjamas and popped on a film and fell asleep around 5pm and woke up at 8pm! lol I didn't struggle getting back to sleep later luckily!

All in all it was a fab day. Next time I will get a hotel near by, so that I don't have to get up so early! Tomorrows post will be my makeup haul, if I'd included it in this post I think you would have all dropped off by now, I did buy a lot also, so it deserves it's own post!

Did anyone else go to IMATS? how did you find it this year? Please leave links to any IMATS posts you have done!

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