The Hair Care haul!

I did a rather large hair care haul as part of my no more spending ban haul, you can view my first one just HERE This has taken a little longer to get up due to awaiting delivery on one product!

Ok this did come to a lot of money but everything came with a discount and the last time I bought my hair products was five months ago, so when you break it down it really doesn't add up to too much! Let's just get straight into everything as we have a lot to cover!

Look Fantastic 
I managed to get between 15-25% off each product and had an additional 20% off the total price discount code too!

  • Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme, 150ml I've used the normal version of Elasticizer before, which I adore, but I've never used the extreme version. This had money off it so thought I'd give this a try as my hair is quite thick, is full of bleach and I use heat on my hair most days and as a result is very dry! This is a pre-shampoo treatment. You wet your hair fully, then section your hair and apply the cream liberally to each section, then wrap your hair in the plastic cap supplied and leave it on for 10-20 minutes and then wash your hair as normal. I tend to leave products like this on for much longer as it allows it to penetrate even deeper. I've used this once and love it! This retails at £29. With the discounts I got I managed to buy this for £17.77
  • Pureology Strength Cure Masque, 150ml This is a deep intensive conditioner which will strengthen your hair from the core, protect your hair from future damage, moisturise and also keep your colour nice and vibrant. I have been using a Redken intensive conditioner, which I love but thought I'd give this a try as I've used Pureology shampoo and conditioner before and loved it. The Strength Cure range is a new range also, so that made me want to try it too! Something good about this is that is uses 100% vegan ingredients, so great for any vegans out there! I tend to use an intensive conditioner on every other wash. This retails at £25 but I managed to buy this for £17.25.
  • Redken Blonde Idol Shampoo, 300ml I'm a huge fan of Redken products so when I saw their new Blonde Idol range I needed them in my life! The Blonde Idol Shampoo is sulphate free, which I like, which means I'm not washing my hair with lot's of nasty detergents, sulphate free also means that it won't be stripping my colour, which most brands tend to do to mine. I would presume this is being very popular as I waited a long time for this and the next product to be delivered. I have used this, but will wait a little while before posting up a full review. This retails at just £13.25 for a big 300ml but I bought this for £8.. bargain!
  • Redken Blonde Idol Custom Tone Violet Conditioner, 196ml To go with the shampoo Redken also have their new custom tone conditioners, the violet one and the gold one. What I liked about this is that you can choose the amount of violet conditioner that you want, although it does come with a guide of how to use it > You turn the dial to achieve the desired colour deposit, use the minimum colour deposit 1-2 weeks after having your hair coloured. Use the medium colour deposit 3-4 weeks after having your hair coloured, when the tone needs to be slightly adjusted or after sun exposure/light swimming. Use the maximum colour deposit 5-6 weeks after having your hair coloured, when is has become brassy/flat, or after excessive sun exposure/swimming. By doing it this way it means that you won't be applying too much violet tone to your hair, which can make your hair look quite grey... unless you like that of course, but I don't, I want to keep it a nice ash colour and just get rid of any yellow tones! I think this is a great idea, and it would seem others think so too as I ordered this on the 28th May along with the rest and this finally got delivered on the 11th June as it had sold out and they couldn't obtain any more! keep your eyes peeled for a full review in a few weeks! This retails at £17.30 and I got this for just £10.46! Also for buying the two Redken products I  got the L'Oreal Subline Bronze Self Tanning Gel for free, which is worth over £13!
from ghd 
I work for ghd but don't get everything free, I can though purchase a limited amount of products at a discounted rate.

  • ghd Curl Hold Spray, 120ml This is hands down my favourite product out of our wet range. I can not run out of this and always ensure I have a back up just in case I run out mid curling session! You spray this on dry hair when curling your hair, it acts as heat protector as well as helping to hold your curl in place. It doesn't leave your hair hard in the slightest, it just hold the curl and keeps your curls looking bouncy! You can also apply this to wet hair if you're using your hairdryer to create a big bouncy blowdry or curls.
  • ghd Final Fix Hairspray, 400ml This is a favourite of mine and is almost a joint favourite along with the curl hold spray. If I told you that a tin of hairspray has lasted me seven whole months and still not ran out would you believe me? Well it's true, my big tin lasts forever! You need such a small amount of this as it really holds your style, yet doesn't leave your hair feeling hard. This may cost £10 but I used to go through a big tin of other brands every single month, so for me this is an investment and something I highly recommend from our range. I also picked up the small 75ml version as they are great for travel or to just through in your bag. A little tip also, if you rub this in your hand and apply it to short layered hair it will hold your hair the same, if not better than what a gel will do!
  • ghd Final Shine Spray, 100ml I used this most days at work but never had my own so thought it was time to get me my own spray! This is amazing, spray this all over your hair, from a slight distance and it adds an instant shine to your hair, without making it look or feel greasy, The shine spray is actually an aerosol form of our serum, which means it's super lightweight and can be used to smooth down any fly away hairs, again without leaving your hair greasy. I love to add this after I've curled my hair. 
  • ghd Tail Comb Not much to add to this, I just needed a new tail comb for my hair!
  • ghd Detangling Comb This is my first time using this comb. It's amazing with hair extensions as it really detangles them without causing any damage! I'm really enjoying using this comb and have been using my tangle teezer less and less since buying this!

So that's it! I actually thought I'd bought more hair stuff, unless I've misplaced them! I did spend quite a bit of money but like I said my last hair care order was 5 months ago so when you break it down I'm not spending a huge amount of money really. Keep your eyes peeled on reviews on my new products as I can't wait to see how they all perform long term and to share my thoughts of them all with you!

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