Topshop Smokey Eye Kit & Makeup Look

 I popped into Topshop the other week as I had £20 left on a gift card. There wasn't much in there that I liked so ventured over to the cosmetics section where I found this lovely Smokey Eye Kit...

This is actually my first time trying makeup from Topshop, I've seen a lot of posts, especially about their lipsticks but I never felt the urge to buy anything, well after buying this I can safely say I now have a huge list of makeup that I now want to try! I unfortunately can't find this kit on the website anymore as I think it was a Christmas gift set.

Top Shop Smokey Eye Kit, 3D Curve Mascara
Top Shop Smokey Eye Kit, Kohl Pencil
Top Shop Smokey Eye Kit, Tuxedo Palette
Top Shop Smokey Eye Kit, Tuxedo Palette
The kit came complete with a full size 3D Curve Mascara, in Black, Kohl Pencil in Coal and the Tuxedo Smokey Eye Palette and cost £22, after checking out the website it works out the the Kohl Pencil is free.

I didn't have very high expectations on this to be honest and the Mascara didn't improve my expectations any more. I really dislike the brush, I feel like as soon as I put this on my lashes, it's putting mascara all over my eyes. I've tried it a few times and I just don't like it. I've used plenty of mascaras with big brushes, but this, nope I don't like! I will try it with another mascara brush and see how I get on with it that way. The Kohl pencil is nice. It's super soft, so really easy to blend in and smudge out to create that smokey look and applying it to the water line is a dream. It smudged a little on me, but to be honest most eyeliners tend to smudge slightly during the day anyway, so that doesn't bother me, nothing a cotton bud wouldn't sort out! Would I repurchase the Kohl pencil again? I'm not sure, I have a ton of black pencils, so won't be running out any time soon!

Now on to the main reason that I bought this, the Tuxedo Smokey Eye Palette The palette comes complete with four eyeshadows. None are matte, all have a slight shimmer but aside from the lightest colour, the shimmer isn't too OTT. I love the mix of colours, there is a nice black, a really deep purple and a grey/purple colour (which I love) and also the shimmery champagne colour eyeshadow. These are so smoooooooth, they feel so velvety to touch and they apply equally as smoothly. What shocked me was the lack of fall out from these, considering how highly pigmented they are, I really expected them to be quite powdery, but they really aren't. There was next to no fall out, which is always a plus! Blending with these eyeshadows is super easy, you really don't need to do much work at all and they last all day without creasing, a  total shock. As I said I didn't have high expectations but this palette has totally won me over and I need more of their eyeshadows in my life now! They don't sell a wide range though, but I hope they expand their eyeshadows as I want need more!

There is a lot of options with this palette to create various different eye looks, but the one above is the look I created when using this for the first time, a look I've been wearing quite often ever since I bought this!

What makeup would you recommend I try from Topshop?

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