IMATS 2014 Haul...

I went to IMATS on Saturday and today's post is my IMATS haul! Be warned, I couldn't fit everything in the main photo, so yes this is a rather large haul!

I actually wrote a post yesterday about My Day at IMATS so if you want to know a little bit more about the day and read about the very rude guy on MAC then pop on over!

This was my first time going to IMATS and any actually any kind of makeup trade show so I went with the  full intention of spending a lot of money! I did have a budget, then added some more money to it, you know just in case... and yes I spent most of it! I could have easily bought more products but me lacking in patience with queuing obviously stopped me going too over budget... luckily!

I decided against showing swatches, I did take photos, edited the names ect on to them but then thought that I would actually rather post individual reviews on what I bought, along with swatches once I'd actually got to have a good play and then I would be able to share my true thoughts on the products, which is actually going to be more useful to you guys! Anyway let's jump straight into what I bought...

 As I said in yesterdays post, NARS didn't have the best selection but I did pick up a few bits.

I picked up a set of three Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, with a pencil sharpener for just £15, total bargain! The only colour I probably wont use is the darkest colour 'Marina' but I can see myself wearing the other two shades a lot! I bought a duo eyeshadow in 'Sex Machine Marina' I wanted another duo, but they had already sold out of that shade. I have wanted NARS Blusher in Orgasm for such a long time so had to pick one up, same with NARS Laguna, I've needed this forever so it was a no brainer, especially with 30% off! I also picked up a highlighter duo called 'Hungry Heart' which is gorgeous and will probably work well as a shimmer/glitter overlay on my lids as well as a highlighter for my check bones.

 I was so disappointed with Bobbi Brown as the only item with a discount (unless you signed up for their Pro Card on the day) was their Gel Eyeliner in 'Black Ink' which apparently is one of the blackest gel eyeliners out there! This was half price, £9 so I had to pick this up!

I visited the Love Makeup stand twice and on one visit picked  up a Makeup Atelier Paris Cream Concealer, as this looks like a great concealer to cover up any imperfections as the coverage swatched amazing! I also picked up a 5 Eyeshadow palette in 'Blue Jeans' At the time I never actually asked what the discount was, but have since worked out that it was 30% off... I wish I bought more now! I also bought the small Z palette. I already have a large one and have wanted a small one for some time, their just so useful.

I went to MAC and bought the Pro Longwear Foundation in NW20. I already have this but the shade is way too dark, so this is definitely the right shade for me. The MAC stand was so crowded except the blusher and lipstick stand (read yesterdays post about that) so after swatching some of the blushers decided to go for a MAC Pro Longwear Blusher in 'Whole Lotta Love' and a normal blusher in 'Fleur Power' both are gorgeous! They only had the blushers in pan form, which wasn't a problem as I now have that small Z Palette for them to go into! MAC  had 15%, which wasn't much BUT MAC very rarely do discounts, and this was better than nothing! I really wanted to get more from MAC but my patience had worn very thin by then...

I went to Crown and got the 10 Blusher Palette, which was only £12! Total bargain! I will wear most of these shades! They did have a lot of palettes but I opted against them, again I wish I didn't now!

I wandered past the Artist of Makeup stand, which I remember seeing in Wayne Goss IMATS vlog from last year. The eyeshadows were amazing, but there was a massive crowd around them so I couldn't get to them to really have a good swatch (online order approaching) so instead picked up two gorgeous blushers in 'Splendour' and 'Desert Rose' The pigmentation is like nothing I have ever seen before! These were £9, instead of the normal price of £10.50, these are huge too, a whopping 7g!!! I picked up the two pan palette to store them in too.

I wandered past another stand (can't remember what it was called) and see they had the Ben Nye Banana Powder. I've seen this used on YouTube a ton of times. This is an eye under powder, for setting concealer and also brightening the eye area. I was going to get the large one, but instead went for the smaller size, which is actually still big!

Next up was Makeup Forever... now this stand was heaving! I wanted to get their HD Foundation and also some eyeshadows but getting to try them out was impossible, it seems everyone had the same idea as me! So all I bought was the Matte Bronzer in 'Shade 30' Not that I need another bronzer, but this was to gorgeous to not buy PLUS I needed to buy something from them, I couldn't walk away empty handed could I?!

The first stand I visited was Inglot. I've lusted after these eyeshadows for too long now and was determined to buy some. I love the idea of the Freedom palettes, they come in various sizes and you just build your own palette! The eyeshadows were just £3 each and for the ten shadows and palette it was just £38! I can't wait to wear these!!! I also picked up this gorgeous gel eyeliner in the colour 74. Inglot also gave me a 20% off coupon to send online so I'll be making an order once I've tried these out!

Makeup brush wise I got a few Zoeva brushes. I wanted to get a set, but turns out they didn't have many, and what they did have, sold out in under an hour! I already own a few Zoeva brushes, so I know how amazing they are. I just picked up a few eye brushes and the big powder brush. I also picked up some eye brushes from Crown. I've never used Crown brushes before so wasn't sure what they were like so only picked up 5 of them and thought if I liked them I'll just order more online, I know I wouldn't get them as cheap (These were between £2-£3 each) but that doesn't bother me too much! I will post reviews on these soon.

So that's everything! Yes I bought a lot BUT as I said I could have bought more! I came away with lot's of stuff that I've never tried before so can't wait to have a proper play :) I'll of course review everything in due course!

I'd love to see other peoples IMATS hauls, so if you went and have posted one please link them up in the comments below!

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