June Favourites!

Another month has passed so of course it's time for my favourite post of the month.... it's my June favourites!

 I'm going to keep this months favourites post quite short. I'll be honest, I adore sooo much stuff and have really been mixing things up this month but I'm going to keep this post about the products that I simply couldn't have lived with out!

  • L'Oreal Brow Artiste eyebrow Pencil in Blonde: As a blonde it is extremely hard to find the perfect brow pencil. The colour is normally too warm and the texture is normally too waxy, I know what I like in a brow pencil and it's a rarity to find exactly that in a drugstore brand... well obviously I have found an amazing pencil in the L'oreal Brow Artiste Pencil. I actually bought this ages ago but lost it somewhere beneath the pit that is called my bedroom! Well I found this little gem behind my dressing table three weeks ago and there hasn't been a day passed that I haven't worn this! The colour is perfect, it's an ash colour but not too ash, it's NOT waxy at all either and it manages to fill in my non existent brows and actually create some pretty natural looking brows, brows that I've been receiving numerous compliments on! This pencil actually comes with a wax on the other end, I'll be honest I don't use that, I just use a brow gel afterwards but it's a great idea for anyone who does like to use a wax afterwards. For £5.49 this is a total bargain and I've already bought another one ready! (If you'd like me to do a separate review on this let me know.)

  • Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur For Eyes I actually reviewed this the other week just HERE so I won't go into too much detail as you really need to go check my review out to actually see the before and after pictures and then you will fully understand why this is in my favourites! I haven't had this for the whole month BUT I've used this every day since I've purchased it. I actually couldn't imagine doing my makeup with this little beauty, on days that I've gone makeup free, I've still used this as it honestly just blurs out everything under my eyes and actually makes me look human (which is a hard task when I have no makeup up on!) I adore this, I love this and now need to try the face version!

  • NYX Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray Now for anyone not based in the UK, you may not be aware that we're currently experiencing one of the hottest months in years. England isn't generally very hot but it has been a scorcher this month and boy have I needed something to stop my makeup sliding off my face, especially when I'm at work, under super bright lights and air con that has a mind of it's own! Suffering with Oily skin means that in this weather I need something more than my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation to keep my makeup in place and this is where the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray has been my life saver! I've had this for ages but I don't normally need to wear this unless I'm going 'out out' I just spray this as I'm about to walk out of the door and it has really helped seal my makeup in place. There has been no need to powder during the day or to re-spray this, the one spray in the morning is literally all I need to keep my makeup looking fresh all day! It has saved my life for sure! NYX also sells a Dewy version of this, so if you have dry skin then check that out.

As I said, I'm keeping it short and sweet and sticking to the products that have been staples within my beauty regime this month and that's these three bad boys! 

I LOVE monthly favourite posts so if you have posted one this month and I've yet to have seen it then please link it below in the comments so I come over and have a wee look at your favourites!

Until Next Time

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