Makeup Revolution 'Girls on Film' Eyeshadow Palette Review

The team at Makeup Revolution have recently just released some new eyeshadow palettes and amongst the new releases are the new Salvation Palettes.. I have the Makeup Revolution 'Girls on Film' Eyeshadow Palette* for you all today and it is LOVELY!

If you saw my review last week of the new Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette in FLAWLESS and Makeup Look you'll know that Makeup Revolution have recently released some new eyeshadow palettes to join their already popular Redemption palettes and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try some of the new palettes out to share my thoughts on them for you all.

Makeup Revolution 'Girls on Film' Eyeshadow Palette Review
Makeup Revolution 'Girls on Film' Eyeshadow Palette Review

There is a total of five new palettes within the new Salvation range, all very different to the others. 

The Girls on Film palette, like all of the other Salvation palettes, comes complete with 18 eyeshadows in total. The top two rows are the shimmer shades and the bottom row are the matte shades. I like how Makeup Revolution have designed these, separating the shimmers to the mattes makes the palette look very eye catching.

There is a great mix of colours here too, from neutral, to greens, to purples all the way up to a smokey grey colour. I can tell that this palette is designed to be a more sultry palette for anyone who wants to create a slightly more glamorous look, well that's what I thought when I first see this!

The palette itself is the same as the Ultra 32 eyeshadow palette with it's sleek black glossy finish and large mirror inside. The makers at Makeup Revolution have really thought a lot about the packaging and I feel like they have designed the palettes so that we, the customer, can take these out with us when we are on the go and made the finish packaging look very premium, especially for the price... yes like everything else on the website, this is inexpensive too, £6... yes £6 for 18 eyeshadows! I still can't get over the prices! 

Makeup Revolution 'Girls on Film' Eyeshadow Palette Review
Top row, shimmers
Makeup Revolution 'Girls on Film' Eyeshadow Palette Review
Second row, Shimmers
Makeup Revolution 'Girls on Film' Eyeshadow Palette Review
Bottom Row, Matte shades
The quality of these eyeshadows are the same as all of the other ones I've tried from the brand... bloody amazing! Highly pigmented from the get go, creamy and smooth in texture, apply and blend in so easily and don't crease on my eyelids, even after 12 hours wear, which is pretty much how long I have my makeup on most days and let's be honest, there are a few premium brands out there that don't seem to offer the same quality.. no names mentioned ;) As with most eyeshadows, yes there is some fall out, most brands have fall out BUT I don't end up having half my face covered in eyeshadow! I have no issue with a bit of fall out, I am always fully equipped with cotton buds around me anyway! (they are my number 1 tool that I could never live without)  

I will say two of the matte shades I did struggle getting a good swatch with, 'she's falling' and 'one in a million', weren't as pigmented as I would have liked but aside from those two I really like all of the other shades, especially 'made in a million' in the top photo and 'smile wider' in the second photo, these are two of my favourite shades out of the whole palette.

Price wise as I said you can't go wrong and I fully intend on buying some more of these palettes in the near future... because I really need more eyeshadows don't I?!

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution yet? What is your favourite product? and what are you lusting after?

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