What I've been Loving This Week!

What I've been Loving This Week!

Sometimes it's hard to write a single post on everything I own and want to review. I wish there was more time in each day to get posts done and I also wish there was more days in the week, then everything I love could have their very own post, but it's a hard life so I thought I'd try doing some 'What I've been loving this week' posts. The good thing is that these posts will be a mixture and not all beauty!

Prison Break Ok I totally get that Prison Break is a few years old but I never watched it back when it was on.  If you didn't know, I'm a total TV addict! I love my TV shows, especially the American shows and have several shows on the go at one time. After several of my friends recommended I watch this I finally decided to give it a try, especially as this time of the year most TV shows are on their break. Well as of writing this I'm nearly half way through the second season and only started watching this a few days ago! I'm totally addicted and just keep saying... "just one more episode and then I'll go to bed!" - What TV show do you recommend I watch next?

Ed Sheeran X album I was already a fan of Ed Sheeran music and since downloading his new album X, it's been on constant repeat! My favourite songs on the album are, Don't, Take it Back, I see fire and Sing. I love them all but these four songs have been my stand out favourites! - What's your favourite song on the album?

Larger shandy's Oh yes, I've been loving these. It's sooo refreshing, especially with this mini heat wave that the UK have been experiencing and is my go to drink in the summer, especially in a beer garden!

Primark Necklaces Primark are seriously becoming my favourite shop to go to when I'm looking for a new statement necklace. I've picked up several new ones over the past few months and I've had numerous people comments on how nice they are! They are actually made really well, especially as the around only around £5-£6 each. Now if Primark could sort out their tights constantly getting wholes in the toes after one wear I'd be a happy girl!

River Island Sunglasses I needed some new sunglasses and picked up these gorgeous rose gold sunglasses the other week and have worn them every day since (excluding when it's rained) They are a little bigger than what I normally go for but I love them! They also don't slide off my face either, which annoys me with some sunglasses!

NV Colour Cosmetics* I hadn't used anything from this brand until a month ago when they contacted me on Twitter and asked if I'd like to try some of their products, of course I said yes! I picked three things and what I've loved the most is the Chunky Lip Crayon in Watermelon it's ideal to wear in the summer as it adds just a wash of colour and it smells DELICIOUS, just like a watermelon! The staying power is good too, as I haven't needed to keep reapplying it's that's a thumbs up from me! There are 6 colours within the range and they only cost £5 each, so they are a great value!

Favourite blogger this week  Goes to Sian Marie Beauty I've been chatting to Sian since shortly after I first started blogging and she is one of the loveliest bloggers I've met through blogging. I adore her blog, I have bought or placed on my ever growing shopping list numerous products just from her reviews. We always re-tweet each other and try to help the other out with gaining more followers, getting our posts out there to a wider audience and just generally support each other. To me she deserves way more followers than she has, she's so committed to her blog, she posts every other day, scehdules all her posts so she can actually have a holiday, she's just really hard working so if you don't already follow her please pop on over to her blog, say hello and give her a cheeky follow! Sian also wrote a guest post for me the other week just HERE

So that's the seven things, quickly goes to check it's seven. that I've been loving this week. What have you been loving this week?

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