Business Cards For Your Blog

Business Cards For Your Blog
Blogging events are one of the many perks of being a blogger, regardless of which sector you write in, you will eventually get invited to events, so having business cards are a MUST have for every blogger out there! 

One mistake I made was not having any business cards for my first event. I spoke to lot's of people within media and marketing and I'll be honest, I felt a little stupid when they asked me do you have a business card  and my reply was... erm no not yet, they're on order... which was a lie! I knew I wanted business cards but wasn't sure how I wanted them, which is why it took me so long to actually make them. Also I hadn't attended any events either, so I saw no point in rushing them. Then BANG the Cosmo Blog Awards shortlist came out, where I have been shortlisted (cheeky little promo here but you can vote for me to win just HERE) and suddenly my email inbox was flooded with opportunities and event invitations, this was something I wasn't prepared for at all. As soon as I got home from the event I spent the entire evening designing my business cards and placed my order straight away! So if you have only just started blogging, or been blogging a little while then go order some business cards today, you'll regret it if you suddenly get invited to an event that is the following day and you're not prepared!

I designed my business cards on which is a free photo editor, it's a website I use every day when editing photos as it's so simple to use. I then browsed so many different business card websites but wasn't sure what to go for. Some prices were very reasonable, but some were very expensive. I asked on a group I'm a member of and someone recommend as being reasonably priced, but great quality cards.

I did find the website quite basic, but really I didn't want anything too complex. I had the view that if these weren't that great, the price wasn't a lot, so I wasn't spending a fortune and it would be a great way to learn from mistakes.

Business Cards For Your Blog

Business Cards For Your Blog

You can actually design your business cards straight on the website, but for me, I wanted to make my business cards be a true reflection of my blog. I knew I wanted doubled sided cards, I wanted my blog header as a main focus and have all my social media on the card too. Some people say you should leave it simple, but for me, I wanted everything on it and I wanted when someone looked at one of my cards, they would know exactly what my blog looked like. I also wanted my business cards to stand out from other cards people may have received, as I think people are more likely to go check your blog out if the business card has caught their eye.

The great thing about is that each option that you can choose comes with a description to help you understand what they mean and help you choose, which is great for any beginners out there!

As I wasn't sure what finish to go for with my cards, it was literally just trial and error, but I'm so pleased that I actually got it right! I chose double sided cards, so that my blog header and website address was at the front, and my social media icons and usernames on the back. I chose the standard size cards which is 85mm x 55mm and opted for the silk paper finish, as this seemed the most luxurious out of the descriptions. I also chose to have the lamination be matte, as the descriptions tell you that these are best to choose as people can write on them easily if they want to. 

Business Cards For Your Blog

I ordered 300 of these and it came to a total of £23.47 excluding P&P (I think it was just over £26 with P&P), and I have to say the quality is amazing, so it's a total bargain, especially for double sided cards with the silk finish. It's hard for you to tell the quality of these in the picture, but I have been complimented on how premium they feel, people have also commented on how much they like my design and that it is 100% a reflection of my blog, which is what I was aiming for! Each 100 came in a clear plastic container so they are easy to carry around. The delivery was really fast too, I think they arrived within three days.

I really recommend, especially if you're a newbie to business cards. It's so easy to use, and as I said, the quality was better than what I expected! I actually used this discount code which I found online 08VC15 to receive 15% off. It does say it's still valid, although I haven't tried it again myself.

Do you have business cards? Do you find them useful when your at events to help promote your blog? What website do you recommend?

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