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The beginning of July saw the launch of ghd Aura. The traditional hairdryer as we know it, has been resigned from the inside out to give consumers, for the first time ever a hairdryer that not only dries your hair faster than other hairdryers, but also helps to style your hair like no other on the market!

A little disclaimer before I get in to my actual review. If you wasn't already aware, I do actually work for ghd and was given ghd Aura back at the beginning of the year as I'm an employee, who's job is to sell ghd to consumers every day, well five days a week, so of course, I needed to have my own before Aura launched this July. My review is not endorsed by ghd in any way and this review is 100% my own opinions.

I'm always a little weary as to whether I should write about ghd, my ghd Edclipse review was massively popular (although I lost all my comments) but I also know some people may think I'm just saying certain things because I work for ghd. I did however ask on Twitter a few weeks back, whether I should write a review or not, and every tweet back, was telling me to do it, so here I am! As you know, my reviews aren't short, I like to cover as much information as possible, so grab your self a cup of tea or pour out a glass of wine and get comfy!

ghd already sell an amazing hairdryer called ghd Air, which I did own (my sister is now the owner). I'll be honest, when I found out ghd were releasing a new hairdryer my immediate thought, was why? Air is an amazing hairdryer, customers love it, so why release a new hairdryer already? One thing I love about working for ghd, is that they don't follow the crowds, they're innovative in every way and lead with every product that they make, competitors merely just follow suit. So clearly they didn't want to just sell another professional hairdryer, they wanted to reinvent the professional hairdryer in every way possible. 

I'll be honest, I had no clue about DC and AC motors prior to working for ghd. Since the 50's (I could be wrong) there has only ever been two types of hairdryers, DC motors (for consumer use) and AC motors (for professional use) ghd wanted to change that, and they have. ghd Aura comes with neither of these motors, instead there is a New Generation Brushless Motor, that's a hell of a lot smaller than other motors, so much lighter than other motors, quieter than other motors yet is more powerful than other motors. You may have noticed I said it was a brushless motor. Well up until recently I wasn't aware that motors have tiny brushes on them, and generally when our hairdryers pack up, it's down to these tiny brushes having their day. Having a motor without these brushes, will result in the motor lasting a hell of a lot longer. 

The smaller motor and external power supply unit that is attached to the 4 metre long lead, is not only helping Aura weigh a lot less, but it's also helping Aura be more energy efficient, 17% more energy efficient to be exact. What does that mean I hear you say?! Well you know when you look to see how much wattage a hairdryer is, and presume that the higher the wattage, the more powerful it will be? Well that couldn't be any further from the truth. The wattage is just how much electricity your appliance uses whilst in use, nothing to do with how powerful it is. Aura uses less electricity, all whilst maintaining being one of the most powerful hairdryers on the market.

ghd Aura Review

ghd Aura also comes with two new patented technologies called 'Laminair' Laminair delivers a more concentrated air flow when drying your hair, which is helping you to not only dry your hair much faster, but allows you to style that section of hair, without disturbing the rest of your hair. What Laminair also helps you do is to dry and style your hair in one direction. The new air flow is literally drying every strand of your hair in one single direction, this is helping to close your hair cuticle, which not only helps lock in moisture, for a shinier, glossier and healthier finish but it is also helping to dry your hair straighter, without the need of a brush. Use a brush to dry your hair? You'll get super sleek, dry hair that no other hairdryer on the market can offer you! 

Cool Wall is the second new technology and this is probably one of the reasons why I love my Aura so much, it's so clever! As the air goes through the back of Aura, it actually splits into two walls, one in the centre (the biggest) is the hot laminiar, the second is the wall surrounding the hot laminair, this wall is the cool wall. As the air flow comes out, the Cool Wall creates a ring of cool air around the hot Laminair, creating an Aura like ring, which is where the name Aura comes from, clever right?! You're wondering what The Cool Wall actually does, well it not only makes the outer casing and Nozzle much cooler to touch (something ghd Air falls short on),  it allows you to place the nozzle right on your roots to create crazy amounts of volume, without burning your head, it is also helping to dry, set and style your hair all at the same time. Research shows, that the quicker you can get from hot to cold, styling becomes much easier and your style will last much longer. 

ghd Aura also has an advanced ioniser, which is basically a copper pin that emits negative ions. Ever rubbed your head against a balloon before and your hair has gone static? Well that's positive ions placed on your head, negative ions do the opposite and smooth down your hair and get rid of frizzy static hair. Unlike other brands, the advanced ioniser is situated where you get the best results, in front of the motor and right near the front the nozzle of Aura.

ghd Aura Review
ghd Aura Review

So with the combination of the New Generation Motor, the Laminair, Cool wall technology and Advanced Ioniser, you're finally able to achieve a salon finish to your hair, with much less agro and arm ache! The smoothness of my hair after using Aura, is like no other. I have coarse, curly hair and it quite often has a mind of it's own. I call it fluffy, it just expands if I don't use my ghd Eclipse on it, but with Aura, I don't need to straighten my hair fully like I used to, Aura basically does it for me. All you need to do is hold Aura straight (not moving it from side to side) and the airflow will dry and style your hair at the same time, with very little effort!

I have been using ghd Aura since the beginning of this year. I owned ghd Air beforehand, but gave it to my sister because one, I don't need two hairdryers and two, Aura literally has changed the way I dry and style my hair. I think we are all becoming more concious about looking after our hair, people are not using their straighteners as often  and blow drying our hair is coming back into fashion. Before, our hair would just look like a frizz bomb had been let off, but now, with Aura, that's not the case at all. We all seek and desire to have hair as beautiful as it looks after we have been to the salon, but now, you honestly can achieve that look from your bedroom. 

My hair tends to hold water, but now my hair is dry and styled within less than 10 minutes since using Aura.

I actually dried a section of a customers hair the other week. She had afro Caribbean hair, a hair type I have never even attempted to dry before (I'm not a hairdresser). That section was dry, straight and frizz free in less a minute! I wish I had my camera to hand to take a picture, I kicked myself afterwards, but from that demonstration the lady purchased ghd Aura and ghd Eclipse without hesitating! She actually visited the ghd stand in Stratford and told the ghd manager how much she loved Aura and to pass on to me how amazing it was! Someone did manage to take the below picture for me... no straighteners were used, just ghd Aura!

ghd Aura Review

Wow this has been longer than intended! But I will sign off with, if you're in the market for a new hairdryer and like to style your hair with your hairdryer, then this is a MUST have. If you're trying to cut back on using straighteners, but hate how your hairdryer leaves your hair either looking flat or totally frizzy, then ghd Aura is what you need. It will honestly change the way you style your hair in ways you could never imagine!

ghd Aura retails at a whopping £145, yes it's expensive BUT it's worth every penny! You can currently, until the end of August get £20 off ghd Aura by visiting or why not pop into your nearest Selfridges or John Lewis and get a free demonstration and try it out yourself?! (ghd isn't in every John Lewis, so if you want to know what stores it is in then leave me a comment or tweet me) And if you're in the Bluewater area, then you can always pop into see little old me, for a little chat and I'll give you a demonstration too! But be aware, I'm not back in work until the 18th August.

Apologies that this was so long, I just wanted to fully explain the technology to you all and stress how bloody amazing this actually is!

Have you tried ghd Aura yet? How important is blowdrying to your hair routine? Any questions please leave them in the comments on send me a tweet!

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