July Beauty Favourites

Well July is officially over and done with and what a scorcher it ended up being here in the UK. We haven't had weather like that continuously for some time... what's the betting August will rain non stop?! Anyway, another month has past so it's time for my monthly beauty favourites :)

  • Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme: As hair treatments goes, this is pretty much one of the best on the market! A pre-shampoo that helps to repair damaged hair, makes your hair stronger and adds lot's of moisture and shine back into dull lifeless hair. This is especially good for anyone who has over processed hair and is in need of a major pick me up! I use this once every two weeks, you damp your hair down and then massage it into your hair, pop a plastic cap on your head and leave it to work it's magic for around 15 minutes. Well I leave mine on for a minimum of an hour, the longer the better right? My hair feels AMAZING after using this It feels stronger and so much softer! I honestly could not be without this at all! Best thing EVER!!!!!!
  • Beauty Bay Detangling Brush: Now who doesn't love the Tangle Teezer? Hands up who loves a dupe of products?! ME!!!! Yes I love me a dupe and this brush is a total dupe for the Tangle Teezer, at half the price! It looks the same, it feels the same and does the same job! My Tangle Teezer had seen better days, but I held off buying another one and then when I see Beauty Bay do their own version for just £5, it was in my basket in a shot! This is a must have brush for anyone with long, thick, curly hair, and if you wear extensions? Yes this is the brush you NEED in your life! They do a larger version with a handle, so I might pick that up too!
  • Topshop Magic Liner*: As you know, I went to the Topshop Beauty AW14 Event earlier this month, and got my hands on a fair few goodies. One of which was this liquid liner. Now if you know anything about me, you'll know I love my liners, I'm also very picky about the style and shape of the liner that I use. This is pretty much the exact shape and size that I love. It's so easy to apply liner, creating a cat flick is ACTUALLY 'criminally easy', yes pay attention Benefit and it's the perfect jet black colour! I've pretty much been using this on a daily basis and I'll 100% be purchasing this when I run out!
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: I know I only reviewed this recently, but I couldn't not have this in my monthly favourites, after all, everything I put here have been things I simply adore, and yes, you all know I bloody love this mascara! I have used this everyday (until I bought the new Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara last week) and it's without a shadow of a doubt my favourite mascara EVER!!!!! I could sit here and swoon, moan and groan (in a sexual way) about this, but instead, pop over to my Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review for my full thoughts on this!
  • MAC Pro Longwear Foundation: Now if you know one thing about me, it's that Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation is my holy grail of foundations, in fact, it's my holy grail product of all time, and no matter what, it always will be BUT I am guilty of having a love affair with another foundation, MAC Pro Longwear Foundation. I bloody love it! I bought this at IMATS (IMATS haul), after already owning in, but in a much darker colour. This time I bought the right shade, and boy the difference that has made! It lasts on my combination skin all day, it gives me enough coverage to hide my imperfections yet it some how makes my skin look healthier and glowy, in a non greasy kind of way. I'll be honest, I went a WHOLE week without wearing my doublewear. I did feel guilty, and went back to it BUT I've kind of been flitting between the two. This just isn't as heavy as doublewear and as we've been having this glorious sunshine, I've wanted something a little lighter. 

So that's my monthly round up of my favourite beauty products. I didn't want to rehash on products recently mentioned, but some things need a second mention! You know I love my beauty products, so narrowing this list down to just five, was a bloody nightmare, but I did it! Sadly my dressing table now looks like a bomb has hit it, but that's the life of a beauty addict and beauty blogger!!!! 

I adore monthly favourites so please leave your links or tweet me with yours so I can go see what you've been loving, and no doubt add some of them to my ever growing list of products I want to buy!!!

Until Next Time

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