Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette.

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette review

Makeup Revolution are launching new products on a daily basis, and if you take a closer look at some of the eyeshadow palettes, they look fairly similar right? The Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette* which is part of the Salvation palettes, looks very similar to The Urban Decay Electric Palette right?

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette review
Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette review

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette review

The latest palette to launch at Makeup Revolution is the Salvation Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette. This is hands down the brightest, boldest eyeshadow palette that Makeup Revolution have launched to date. The palette comes in a sleek black glossy case, with a huge mirror on the inside. Like with the other Salvation palettes it comes complete with 18 richly pigmented, eyeshadow colours. The top two rows consist of all the shimmer shades and the bottom row are where you'll find the matte shades. I really like how the salvation palettes are designed with the shimmers and mattes separated.

As I said at the start, this is a total dupe for the Urban Decay Electric Palette, although this has extra shades. I don't actually own Urban Decay Electric Palette, so I don't have comparison swatches for you, but a quick google search will bring up swatches for comparison. I have tried a friends Electric palette and the Colour chaos is a very good dupe.

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette review
Top Row (shimmers)

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette review
Middle Row (shimmers)

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette review
Bottom Row (mattes)

Pigmentation wise, the 12 shimmer shades are the clear winners. A little touch with your brush is all you need to pick up enough colour. They blend in really easily with not too much fall out. They're not chalky at all, which as I've said before, is normally the case with cheaper eyeshadows. The mattes are ok, the pigmentation is fine, but they don't seem to have as much pigment as the shimmers, but they are still 100% workable shades.

I have to say my two favourite shades in the palette are 'Deliver Me' and 'Ammunition' They're very unique colours that people could get a lot of use from.

Personally I never had any desire to pay out £38 for the Electric palette. These kind of shades aren't what I would tend to wear on a day to day basis, so to me £38 would be a total waste of money. The Salvation Colour Chaos eyeshadow Palette costs just £6, which is a great alternative. I do like to occasionally wear bright shades, there's always a party, hen do or even Halloween coming up, where a palette like this will be something that I'll want to reach for, so I would much rather have this than the Electric palette!

I understand that such a bright palette isn't everyone's cup of tea BUT there is always an occasion where you need a bright eye look and when that day comes I would 100% recommend you order this. Like I have said time and time again, the quality and price range of Makeup Revolution is amazing and the Colour Chaos palette is no different to the other eyeshadow palettes. 

I will be posting a makeup look using this, one being super bright and one being a little less bright to show different ways in how you can use this. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

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