Top Picks | NYX Cosmetics

Top Picks | NYX Cosmetics

There are several brands that hold a special place within my heart, and one of them, who I haven't mentioned in a little while is NYX. Not only are their products reasonably price, the quality is very premium. So today I've picked out my Top Picks from NYX Cosmetics

NYX make some of the best cosmetics on the market. You get an amazing quality and highly pigmented product for such a reasonable price. Packaging wise, they are packaged very sleek and won't look out of place next to high-end brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown.

I adore so many of their products, so to narrow it down to just a few is very hard, so I shall do my best.

  • NYX Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow one line of products that always stand out to me with NYX is their eyeshadows. They sell various different finish and textures from Mattes to shimmers all the way up to metallics, all of which are highly pigmented and have very little fall out. The square single eyeshadows will set you back just £5 for 2.4g of product, in comparison to a MAC eyeshadow in it's case at £13 for just 1.5g of product. Now don't get me wrong, I love MAC eyeshadows BUT NYX eyeshadows are totally comparable to MAC pigmentation and quality. Some of my particular NYX favourite shades are Matte Black, which I featured in my Top Picks | Black Eyeshadows post and Deep Purple which is just beautiful. Aside from their single eyeshadows they sell some amazing eyeshadow palettes just HERE all equally as good quality and equally great value too. But if you really fancy picking up some bargains, check out their farewell lines just HERE where you can pick up their discontinued lines of eyeshadows, which I have done myself several times as they are all reduced.
  • NYX Cosmetics Butter Glosses NYX sell amazing lip products, but my favourite range is their Butter Glosses. Now if you dislike a thick lipgloss then you might not like these BUT they aren't tacky, like other thick lip glosses, they're extremely buttery on the lips, hence the name! The colour is quite opaque with these and last on the lips for a reasonable amount of time too. They also smell amazing too, and I know smell isn't everything, BUT let's be honest, it does play a factor in when we are choosing a lip gloss! My favourite shade is Peaches and Cream. I've wanted to buy Creme Brulee for the longest time, but it's such a popular colour that it sells out almost straight away! These only cost £5 each!
  • NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick If you aren't a fan of lipglosses then you must try out their lipsticks, they do some amazing ones, their Round Top lipsticks are some of the most popular ones BUT I just love the Matte Lipsticks. It's hard to find non drying, long lasting matte lipsticks that don't cost a fortune, but NYX Matte Lipsticks seem have the right formula in that their non drying and long lasting too, and they only cost £6 each! My particular favourite shade is Alabama, which is a gorgeous deep red shade.
  • NYX Cosmetics Blushers I only branched into NYX blushers earlier this year and I've built up quite a collection ever since, I mean they only cost £6 each and do such a wide range of shades and finishes that it's too easy not to collect them! Like with the square eyeshadows, the blushers come in a square case, which is perfect for when your storing them in your makeup collection, they're also the right size to take out with you whilst your own the go! With these, like all of their other products, are highly pigmented and I warn you to go in very light handed as honestly you'll pick up too much product otherwise! They last well on my skin and blend easily too. My favourite shade is Rose Garden, which is the most beautiful rose pink shade you'll ever see!
  • NYX Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner As an eyeliner addict, yes there is such a thing and I should be the chair woman for the group, I try lot's of different eyeliners, now up until buying this I was never sold on gel eyeliners, the forumla, finish and colour was never right BUT that changed as soon as I bought this. If I'm not wearing liquid liner, I'm wearing this instead and when I want a really dramatic winged eyeliner I'll use both liquid and then this! I actually reviewed this early this year just HERE and my thoughts and love for this has only grown stronger over the past few months. If you could only buy one gel liner then buy this one, it only costs £8, the colour is intense black, it's non drying, a small amount goes such a long way and I still have so much of this left!
Top Picks | NYX Cosmetics

So that's it for my top picks from NYX Cosmetics, that was kind of five products right? They sell so many amazing products, it's hard to narrow things down but if you haven't bought anything from NYX before then these are the five product lines I'd highly recommend trying first and I guarantee you'll be placing huge orders there after! It's been a while since I done a NYX haul and writing this post has made me want to place another mass order! 

Have you used NYX before? If so what is your favourite NYX product? What should I be ordering on my next haul?

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