Topshop Golden Aura Eye Palette Review and Makeup Look

Topshop Golden Aura Eye Palette Review
The other week I was lucky enough to attend the Topshop Beauty AW14 Event in London and amongst being able to view the new collections, we were also allowed to take home a few goodies from Topshop Beauty's existing products. One of the products I picked up was the Golden Aura Eye Palette* and today I not only have a review for you, but I have a makeup look using this gorgeous palette too! I know, I'm spoiling you!

Topshop Golden Aura Eye Palette Review
Topshop Golden Aura Eye Palette Review

I was already aware, before attending the event that Topshop Beauty have amazing eyeshadows, as I had previously bought and reviewed the Topshop Beauty Smokey Eye Kit just HERE (which also includes a little makeup look) so I was of course, keen to pick up another one of their eye palettes.

What stands out about their eyeshadows is the amazing pigmentation, which you can see from the swatches above. A little dab with your brush onto the eyeshadow is enough to pick up enough pigment. Also there is next to no fall out too, which tends to be rare with more purse friendly eyeshadows, and as this palette would cost you just £12, I'd say that's purse friendly indeed! These eyeshadows are sooo creamy, they really are beautiful and apply and blend in with so much ease! I mentioned at the event that they really need to bring out more selections of these and apparently that could happen in the near future!

The Golden Aura Eye Palette is apparently one of their best selling lines, and I can see why. One, it's a neutral palette and thanks to Urban Decay, everyone is embracing the neutral look. Two, you can create a more dramatic look and really use these eyeshadows to smoke out your eye look, something I tend to always want to do as I don't really do 'neutral' very often!

Topshop Golden Aura Eye Palette Review
Topshop Golden Aura Eye Palette Review
Topshop Golden Aura Eye Palette Review

Overall I think this is an amazing palette and one that any eyeshadow lover or anyone who is just starting to get into makeup should have in their collection! Seriously, if they made more of these in other colours I'd be rushing out to buy them all in one go, so listen up Topshop Beauty, get the ball rolling on that one please!

What do you think of the look I created? Have you used/do you own this eyeshadow palette?

*PR sample from the Topshop Beauty event. I was not asked to review this, I have chosen to as I 100% adore this, and as always, my opinions are 100% my own.

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