Artist of Makeup Zukreat Cosmetics HD Blusher Review

Artist of Makeup Zukreat Cosmetics HD Blusher Review

Now you may have remember that I went to IMATS back at the end of June, I picked up soooo much stuff and within my massive haul which can be found HERE I picked up two AMAZING blushers from the brand Artist of Makeup, Zukreat Cosmetics who is also a YouTuber

Now I'm all about supporting YouTubers cosmetic lines, you've heard me rave about Wayne Goss makeup brushes, dribble over Marlenas Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and spout nothing but good words about the Real Technique Brushes, but that's as far as I've gone with YouTuber products, that is until I popped over to the Artist of Makeup Zukreat Cosmetics stand in IMATS.

Artist of Makeup Zukreat Cosmetics HD Blusher Review
Artist of Makeup Zukreat Cosmetics HD Splendour Blusher Review
Artist of Makeup Zukreat Cosmetics HD  Desert Rose Blusher Review

The stand was very crowded, it was full of YouTube subscribers all lining up to pose for photos with Zukreat, which made looking round the stand very hard. There were some amazing products on show, I'd previously seen some amazing swatches of the eyeshadows,but I'm a woman with little patience, so the blushers were literally all I could managed to look at properly.

The two Blushers I picked up were Splendour and Desert Rose. I feel like in the pictures they are coming up a little brighter than in real life BUT what you can tell from the pictures is that these are possibly the most pigmented blushers I have ever seen in my whole life! No lie! When I say you only need to barely dab your blusher brush into the pan and then pat some of it off on your hand before applying these to the cheeks, I'm not over exaggerating at all, they are that pigmented! Luckily I was aware of how pigmented they were before trying them and making any mistakes!

The texture of these are beautiful, they are sooo smooth and soft, not powdery at all. They leave a gorgeous healthy sheen to your skin, and that's with the bare minimal applied. I would say, if you're extremely pale, then I'd check out some of the other shades as these will be too much for you, but if you have a darker skin tone then you could pretty much use any of the shades and get away with it.

Artist of Makeup Zukreat Cosmetics HD Blusher swatches

My favourite shade is Splendour which has a pink/coral finish to it. But I do love Desert Rose, which is a slightly brighter rose pink shade, I just tend to reach for Splendour more often as it's a bit softer

The HD Blushers are HUGE too, there is 7g of product here, which is rare for a blusher, so these will last you literally years! They only come in a pan form, so for those who like to depot and place everything into a palette then these will be ideal for you. They actually sell the empty palettes which come in sizes of 2, 6 and 12 blusher pans. 

They cost £10.50 each, but I picked them up for £9 at Imats and purchased the 2 pan palette which is £6. I know I got that a little cheaper but for the life of me I can't remember how much for. If you compare the price and size to a MAC Blusher, then these blushers come out tops in every way, their more pigmented, larger at 7g compared to MAC 6g and cheaper, as a MAC blusher pan will cost you £15.

I really want to try more of these out, so if I don't manage to place another order, I'll be first in the queue at IMATS next year!

Have you tried anything from Artist of Makeup Zukreat Cosmetics before? If so what products do you recommend?

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