Beauty Crazes I don't understand!

Beauty Crazes I don't understand!

Ok so this isn't just about beauty crazes, it's also about all those beauty related things that people do, that quite frankly I simply don't get!  

I just want to say that everything I mention is just my opinion on things and not to be taken too seriously. What works and looks right for one person, doesn't for another, which is the way it should be, after all, one size doesn't fit all and if you love doing the things I mention here then you go carry on doing that BUT I can't help it, there are just a few things that I simply don't get... and probably never will!

The Kylie Jenner Makeup Look Infatuation: Right I'm not saying I dislike the whole Kylie Jenner 90's look BUT why on earth are grown women in their mid twenties AND thirties doing the whole 'Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup Look'? I mean the girl is 17, why are women (some old enough to be her mum) wanting to recreate a look that is worn by a teenager? Do people want to be inspired by a teenager who only spent her first three years in the 90's decade? Guess what, she's not the first person to wear that kind of makeup look, nor is the look particularly of the 90's era and the look isn't even anything that special, I've seen women wearing that makeup look for years, so please, can we calm down on the whole infatuation over a teenager!

The Brow thing: Ok so I kind of touched on this topic just HERE but it really needs rehashing. Can people please calm down with this whole brow thing, brows are literally taking over the planet, and peoples faces. It's spreading like a nasty virus, that I'm not sure can be controlled! Now I understand and appreciate the importance of a good brow, yes it frames your face, but only when it's done right and not forgetting when it's done naturally. Now there are woman running around the place with blonde/white hair with the darkest brows I have ever seen in my whole life, not just dark brows, they are drawing them in so big, it's getting a little beyond a joke now. Ok, I get it, some people want to stand out, and of course there are people who naturally have big brows, they aren't the issue here, it's those who are doubling the size of their brows to the point where they look a little silly. I'm not alone here right? I can't be surely? There's a blogger I follow, she's stunning, like naturally beautiful, she used to have beautiful ash blonde brows (she's platinum blonde) and then the other day I saw a picture of her brows and they had increased by length and by width to the point where they honestly looked like they were trying to desperately run away from her face! It changed her whole features, but not in a good way. They honestly took all focus away from her beautiful face and placed it bang, straight on to those ridiculous brows. Can we please get back to the days when people had nice brows, ones that can be a few shades darker than your hair, ones that are a little fuller than your natural brow shape and just come back to reality!

The Over Use Of Concealer: Now this is something I see a few of my favourite makeup gurus on YouTube do. They literally paint their under eye area with half a tube of concealer, say that it looks like they're using a lot of concealer but their beauty blender will absorb most of it... yes you heard right, they apply a ton of concealer for their beauty blender to just soak three quarters of it up! Now I'm going to guess that they are going through concealers every two/three weeks, due to the sheer amount that they are wasting by allowing the beauty blender to soak it all up. Now is it just me, or does that make zero sense? In makeup we get taught to build a product up, apply thin layers if you want a fuller coverage, for a more natural finish. When applying eyeshadow, we build the colour up several times to ensure we get a perfect eye look, so that it's blended in properly, these same gurus say the same thing so why the F*** are they doing the total opposite with their concealers??? What is the point??? To be honest it looks too harsh! So yeah, let's just apply thin layers, build it up so that our under eye areas aren't looking too puffy, as too much concealer can do the opposite to what you actually want to achieve!

The Pout: Just stop. Stop it now. You look stupid, it doesn't look sexy, you don't look like Angelina Jolie at all, you honestly look like a duck. It actually bloats your face out and makes you look a few lbs heavier in the face too, pretty sure that's not the desired effect, but that's what it does. It also makes you look bloody miserable. Men actually don't think it looks sexy and are laughing at all of those pictures, they aren't wondering what those lips can do at all, well none of the half decent men are. It's just not a good look at all. So please, for the love of god STOP IT! It's not a good look, please, I beg, just stop now!

I actually have a ton of beauty crazes that I don't understand, so I'll just leave it there for now, otherwise this post will go on for too long, and of course I don't want to offend anyone, as I said, you do YOU and all that! I will no doubt write a part 2 of beauty crazes I don't understand, as I see them on a daily basis!!! ha!

What beauty crazes do you not understand? Do you agree with any of these?

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