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Slightly different post from me today. I was asked if I wanted to join in on a blog hop by the lovely Ella at every LiTTLE thing07. The idea is to share a little bit about my blog by answering four questions and to also tag two other bloggers, to help promote them and their blogs! I don't normally do tag posts but I really liked the idea of this blog hop as it reveals a little of behind the scene information on my little blog JustJulie

  • Why Do I write? You may have noticed from my posts that they tend to be quite long. Well away from the laptop I do love to talk, I can chat for hours, sometimes about pointless crap that starts off about food and ends up being about aliens or zombie apocalypses. It's the same with writing. I like to communicate in any and every way that I possibly can! If there isn't anyone around to listen then I'm just going to write (type) because I know someone out there in this huge internet space will listen! BUT the reason why I write about beauty is because it's my biggest passion. I literally live and breath all things beauty related. I've worked within beauty departments for the past 12 years. I've talked to customers day in and day out about beauty. I began to bore my friends about the latest must have product that I had just bought, so it made sense to start writing everything down and put my passion out there for the whole world to see. 
  • What Am I working on? Within the blog side of things I'm constantly always working on improving my blog, making it be the best it can be at that specific time. I'm always working on improving the layout of my blog and also my writing skills, which I pretty much have zero of! I have a lot of projects coming up in the future and in talks with websites/PRs about writing content away from my blog, which is exciting! I'm also working on my photography. Having recently purchased a DSLR camera, I'm spending a lot of time working out how to use the god damn thing, which I am enjoying! On the work life side of things I'm constantly trying to build and increase the business of my account where I work, which is working (I've smashed my months target with a week to go) I'm also gearing up to the busiest time for me at work... Christmas. This is where I shine, where my account sky rockets, so I'm busy trying to prepare for that, request additional hours, look back at last years sales ect, plan activity, arrange for additional sites to get ghd out there in everyone face. My aim is to make this Christmas the best Christmas sales wise that I've ever had, whilst still maintaining excellent customer service.
  • How Does My Blog Differ From Others In The Same Genre? To be honest, I'm not sure whether it does? How can you make a beauty blog different when there are a million all trying to do the same? I guess we all have our own writing voices, that in itself makes every blog unique. I tend to write how I talk, although it's very toned down. I just like to give you all my view on beauty. I talk from a background within beauty, so believe I come with a lot of knowledge, a lot of trial and errors all wrapped up in to hopefully a relatable blog? I don't know. This question sucks!
  • How Does My Writing Process Work? I start with writing a ton of ideas down in my organiser and then develop either a theme or post title from there. I then normally try to take as many photos as I possibly can so that I have a few weeks photos ready. Then I start to write each post. From jotting down ideas, I already have in my head what kind of post each idea will be. I tend to not half write posts, if I do they stay in drafts and rarely get finished. 

The two people I tag to do this blog hop next is two of my favourite bloggers and blogs, who I've mentioned here a fair few times. The lovely Sian at Sian Marie Beauty Blog and the gorgeous Belle at Mascara and Maltesers who should be posting there answers next Monday.

I hope you liked this blog hop. Slightly different from other blog hops, but that's why I liked it so much!

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