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I read so many blogs, all of which I have learnt something from throughout my time of blogging. I adore reading posts about other peoples favourite blogs so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites today.

  • Mascara and Maltesers If you read beauty blogs then the chances are you would have stumbled across the beautiful Belles blog before. I first stumbled across Belles blog way before I started blogging and have followed her every since. Not only is Belle herself stunning (yes she's a model) but her blog itself is beautiful too. It's very simplistic, yet catches your attention straight away. Belle has a way of photographing a photo that makes me want to buy it way before I have read her posts. I predict amazing things for her blog over the coming year and she is a blogger to watch!
  • Miss Makeup Magpie Gemma commented on one of my posts, I then went and checked her blog out and was like DAMN why on earth are you commenting on my tiny blog! Gemma posts straight up reviews every single day, I really admire how she can post daily, yet every post is full of the information I want from a review. I took out my first advertising package on her blog and she was amazing at supporting me throughout that month, which resulted in my gaining a lot of views and followers just from sitting on her side bar! Aside from having a great blog, Gemma is really helpful, she actually helped me decide what camera to buy and was linking me to all the accessories that I could get later, and as a result I saved some serious cash! Gemma has a HUGE following and once you read her blog, you can see why!
  • Tea Party Beauty I love Hayleys blog. She's not afraid to say what she thinks and I totally trust her opinions on anything she writes about. Predominately a beauty blog, with a touch of lifestyle and random posts thrown in, which I love! You really must have a read of her Wittering Wednesday posts, where she just writes about a topic, has a little rant, offers another opinion on topics that may divide people and they all really get you thinking. They are some of my favourite posts to read every week as Hayley never says her opinion is right, but nine times out of ten, she is right!
  • every LiTTLE thing07 Now Ella really makes me have blogger envy. Her blog posts are well written, her photos are amazing and some of the products she features just makes me want to drool! I'm so envious of Ella's blog and I'd love mine to be as good as hers one day too. I've spoken to Ella on Twitter and she's lovely too. You can honestly see how hard she works on her blog and like me, she finds it hard to switch off from blogger mode most of the time. Well her hard work definitely pays off as she has gained such a huge following over such a short space of time.
  • Miss Budget Beauty Khilas blog was the first blog I ever followed. I used to always search for a product and nine times out of ten, one of the first links would be from Khila. I then went on to follow her on YouTube and I now never miss a video! I aspire to be a blogger like Khila. She is probably the most committed blogger and YouTuber that I have ever stumbled across. She blogs every day (sometimes twice daily) and posts a minimum of three videos a week across her three YouTube channels, all whilst working part time and being a full time mum! Don't be fooled by the Budget within her blog name, every brand, high end or drugstore are covered. Also, Khila was shortlisted in the Best Established Beauty Blog category at the Cosmo blog awards and I'm not going to lie, I'm so excited that she will be there too and I probably may go a little fan girl on here... yes a fan girl at the old age of nearly 33! ha!

I hope that you will check everyone's blogs out and if you don't already follow them, I hope you find a new favourite blog! By no means are these my only favourite blogs, I have a list of blogs as long as my arm, but I can't feature them all her today, but will post another post like this in the future.

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