Bluewater Meet up | The Goodie bags!

On Thursday I posted about the blogger meet up that I organised recently (read HERE) but the post ended up being a little too long, so today I'm going to show you the goodie bags that every blogger received and showcase the brands who were involved.

I only started organising the goodie bags a few weeks before the meet up and was totally shocked by the amount of brands that were able to commit to offering samples and full sized products. As this was my first ever meet up that I'd arranged I was so pleased that I could provide a goodie bag full of some great products. Some peoples bags were slightly different to the one I ended up with as a couple of brands sent through a wide selection of products/shades instead of all of the same things, which I really liked. I must apologise now for the quality of these images, the lighting was so bad, so again, don't hold it against me!

As you can see, we all received a lot of full sized products from some great brands!

  • Nanshy sent us all a blending brush in this gorgeous silk like pouch.
  • ELF were kind enough to send us two products each, an eye crease brush and a nail polish, along with a 20% discount code for us all.
  • Beauty uk sent us some blushers in various shades. Some goodie bags had two of these, some had just the one as I was sent a few extra blushers.
  • Topshop sent us all some gorgeous nail polishes, all different shades. the one I ended up with was a gorgeous purple glitter polish
  • Aqua PR sent a fabulous selection of products from W7 Cosmetics and Playboy Makeup. Everyone ended up with something different, but the products I got was a gorgeous blusher from W7 Cosmetics and a mascara from Playboy Makeup. 
  • Makeup Revolution who are always so kind sent us all the Essential Shimmers Eyeshadow Palette and their Double Flick liquid liner (which is AMAZING)

We also were sent an amazing bundle of samples.
  • Nourish sent us two samples and also provided a full size product for the raffle.
  • Upbeat Drinks sent several money off coupons for us all, as well two products for the raffle prize.
  • Elemis Bluewater my dear friend at Elemis gave us all lot's of samples of their fabulous skincare range!
  • The Body Shop Bluewater gave us some samples and a money off voucher.
  • Argan Dew provided us a few samples
  • Metique sent us a great bundle of samples, a long with a full sized product for the raffle too.
  • Pretty Wild Things also sent us all 20% discount for a custom blog design.
Raffle prizes included, Lush Cosmetics, The Body Shop, Liz Earle, Metique, W7 Cosmetics, Nourish and Upbeat Drinks. Also not forgetting the lovely people at Bluewater who gave me a £100 gift card to use on drinks and food at Browns, Bluewater where the meet up was held (still shocked by that!)

So I think that's everything! Good little bag of goodie right? Not too bad for my first meet up! I'd like to thank everyone brand and PR who sent products who allowed me to let everyone walk away with a little something.

As two people couldn't make it I actually have two goodie bags left, which I thought I'd do a giveaway with, I'd rather give it to two other people than keep them all for myself and I think it's a bloody good giveaway too! The giveaway will be live in a few days so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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