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NYX Plump it up Lip Plumper in 'Pamela and NYX Illuminating Face & Body Bronzer in 'Chaotic'

I'm seriously thrilled to announce that I've been picked as NYX Cosmetics Blogger of the Month for September! If you're a regular here at JustJulie you'll already know that I adore NYX Cosmetics, the price point, the packaging and the quality of NYX make-up is just amazing, so to be picked as their blogger of the month is a massive achievement for me!

As Blogger of the month I received four products from NYX to try and pass on my views and thoughts. I got to pick the colours that I wanted too, which was even better! Today I'll be reviewing just two of the products and I'll be reviewing the other two later on in the month!

I haven't tried a 'lip plumper' for years so I was curious to see if the Plump it up Lip Plumper would actually work. I remember that lip plumpers only ever used to make my lips tingle and that was about it! I picked the colour 'Pamela' I was expecting this to be a soft nude pink shade, but once applied this actually comes out virtually clear, with a slight tint.

The texture of this gloss is really nice. It's not tacky at all, which is always a plus from me, as a lot of the time my hair ends up getting stuck on my lips, which is never a good look!!! This lasted well on my lips. I ate, drank and it still hadn't disappeared. Sometimes I don't want to wear a lip colour. I'm generally all about eyes, so tend to play my lips down on a normal day to day basis, unless I'm after a certain look of course and I actually don't have a clear lip gloss in my collection... I know, shock horror, something I don't own! But it's nice to wear something that just takes away that plain look of dull lips right? So this is ideal, as I said it's not completely clear, there is the slightest tint, but it's barely there so this will be great to wear on an average day! 

Now did this plump up my lips? Well I have slightly full lips, nothing too OTT of course, so plumping up my lips is something I don't tend to want to do. This did plump my top lip up slightly, but it's not something very noticeable. It does have that tingly feeling that I remember from other brands, I actually like the tingly feeling! Personally I think this would work better on someone who has very thin lips, as the difference would be more obvious than on someone who already has quite a full lip already.

NYX Illuminating Face & Body Bronzer in 'Chaotic'

NYX Illuminating Face & Body Bronzer in 'Chaotic'
NYX Illuminating Face & Body Bronzer in 'Chaotic'

When I saw this had been chosen for me I was thrilled! I have been eyeing up The Illuminating face & Body Bronzers for a while now and knew exactly what shade I would choose! Now this is simply beautiful. This can be used to lightly dust all over the face to add a radiant finish to your skin, as the shimmers defuse the light, which makes skin look a lot healthier and give the appearance that your skin is glowing from within. Alternatively, especially with the colour Chaos, you can apply this a little heavier on the cheeks for a beautiful soft blusher OR you can apply a small amount on top of your cheek bones, which when in certain lights, really stands out. I've been using this every way, but as I have a slightly oiler skin type I've opted to use this more as a blusher or as a highlighter on my cheek bones.

Now if you're familiar with high-end makeup, these look very similar to Bobbi Brown Illuminating bronzer in 'Pink Coral Bronze' In fact, this is virtually the same! Of course, you know I do love my dupes, especially when the price difference is massive! Bobbi Browns will set you back £28, in comparison to NYX Chaotic costing just £9 for the same size, all but 0.5g! I know what one I'd choose! 

This is simply beautiful and I can see this becoming a firm favourite within my daily makeup routine! I now want to try the other shades 'Narcissistic' and 'Magnetic' and for £9 each how could I not?

NYX Illuminating Face & Body Bronzer in 'Chaotic'

So that's it for the first part of my NYX products. I absolutely adore the The Illuminating face & Body Bronzer and The Plump it up Lip Plumper is nice, I'd wear it on a day to day basis when I just want to add a sheen to my lips, but as a lip plumper, I don't think my lip shape is the right one to benefit from the plumping! I'm still so thrilled to have been chosen to be the NYX Blogger of the month, I adore the brand, it has been featured a lot over here at JustJulie and no doubt will continue to be featured! Keep your eyes peeled for my second post later in the month!

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