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NYX Blogger of the Month
I posted two weeks ago that I thrilled to be NYX September Blogger of the Month just HERE and reviewed a few of their products. Today is my final post and I've saved my favourite products until last!

NYX Blogger of the Month
NYX Blogger of the Month

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned before, but I adore the Jumbo Eye Pencils. The colour 'Milk' is something I often reach for, so when I got to choose the colour I wanted, I knew I wanted to go for a shade that is suitable for everyone. I choice 'Sparkling Nude' The name pretty much describes the colour down to a tea, it's a gorgeous pinky/brown nude with soft gold sparkles. This is perfect for the days when I just want to wear a wash of colour and keep my eves quite neutral looking. 

What I love about this is that it literally takes less than 60 seconds to apply. You just apply the pencil directly to your lid and then use your fingers to blend it! Job done, it's that simple! Over sleep? This is the product you need in your life! 

The Jumbo Eye pencils don't crease either and last on your lids all day. I loved using this as a base for a similar colour eyeshadow, on days when I want a little bit extra going on with my eyes, as this really intensifies your eyeshadows.

I already own a few of the Jumbo Eye Pencils and this is a great addition to my collection. As I said, it's so quick and easy to apply and looks beautiful too.

NYX Blogger of the Month
NYX Blogger of the Month

If you frequent JustJulie often then you'll know I do love my eye liners, so any chance for me to try out a new one I'm jumping on that straight away! I had the choice of any eye liners from NYX Chocolate Collection (there's six in total) and the Skinny Liner really jumped out at me.

As you can see from the above picture, the liner is super thin. which makes this an eyeliner that is a must have for any person who struggles to apply eyeliner very well. 

The Skinny liner is soft to apply and very creamy textured too, so if you like to smudge your eyeliner to create a smokey look, then this would be a great eye liner to use. There was a little bit of smudging throughout the day, but it was very minimal and nothing compared to the majority of eye liners. One thing I will say is that this didn't last inside my water line, mind you I have quite watery eyes and most eyeliners never last inside my water line.

NYX Blogger of the Month

NYX Blogger of the Month

I really liked both of these and and creating an eye look with just these two products too me less than two minutes to do! With the eye look above I actually lined my upper eye lids and then used a brush to just smudge the liner and soften it slightly. I did the same on the lower lash line, but only lined three quarters of the way in and then smudged it in to create a very soft shadow.  I really liked the finish look, it's very natural but is enough to make my eyes pop.

I've loved being NYX September Blogger of the month. It's a huge honour as I really adore the brand and use NYX products on a daily basis. I've said this before, the quality is very high end but the price tag is extremely purse friendly. 

What is your favourite NYX product?

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