Richard Ward, The Chelsea Collection

Richard Ward, The Chelsea Collection
As someone who uses heat on their hair on a regular basis and who also isn't a natural blonde, yes I know, shocker right?! I'm always on the look out for any hair products that will help strengthen and moisturise my normally dry hair, so I was keen to try out some of the keratin products from Chelsea Collection by Richard Ward*

Salon Owner and winner of Hair Magazine's London salon of the year Richard Ward has recently released his very own a hair products to allow you to achieve a luxurious, salon finish from your very home. There are eleven products within the Chelsea Collection, with all the products costing just £5.99 each! The whole range includes Keratin, which the key to achieving healthy strong hair, after all, keratin is our hairs natural protein, so it makes sense to be using products that have this in it.

Richard Ward, The Chelsea Collection

Richard Ward, The Chelsea Collection

Firstly I love the packaging. It's really on trend and looks very professional. The whole range smells gorgeous too, with the smell lingering on my hair for a long time.

  • Richard Ward Keratin Volume Shampoo, 250ml As shampoos go, this is quite nice. I always shampoo twice, to ensure any products that I've used are fully washed out, which helps to prevent build up. My hair did feel quite clean after using this, but I did find that if I'd used a fair bit of hairspray on the days leading up to washing my hair, that I needed to really focus on washing my roots thoroughly to ensure it had all gone, as the first time I used this, my hair didn't feel like all of the hairspray had gone.
  • Richard Ward Keratin Volume Conditioner , 250ml Now I really liked this conditioner.  I normally apply lot's of conditioner on my hair, but found that with this, I only needed to use a small amount, which was more than enough to make my hair feel silky soft. My hair felt a lot more manageable and there was less frizz. I would definitely reconsider re-purchasing this in the future.
  • Richard Ward Keratin Bulking Spritz, 125ml Now I wasn't sure what this was supposed to do, it says on the bottle for root lift, but the instructions say to spray from roots to mid-length, I actually have been using this all over after I've washed my hair. I feel like this has made my hair feel a little fuller and a bit stronger, so I'll be continuing to use this to see if this makes a bigger difference. One thing that is missing from this is built in heat protection. As this is a spray you use after you've washed your hair, I feel like this should have some form of heat protection in it, as it means I need to spray two different sprays, which I don't want to do.
  • Richard Ward Keratin Rehab, 150ml Now this was the product I was looking forward to using the most. I adore conditioning treatments, my hair loves them and I've trialled out so many of them, so I'm really disappointed to say I really disliked this. The first time I used this, I applied it the way the instructions said, and how I would apply a deep conditioner. I left it on for about 20 minutes, but my hair felt like straw after using this. It felt like I hadn't used a conditioner at all as my hair just kept getting tangled up. I decided to use it one more time, some products need to be used more than once to get the effect you want, but again, my hair just felt like straw. I needed to apply so much argan oil in my hair afterwards to make it feel moisturised, which obviously lead to my hair getting greasy quicker. I'm used to intense conditioning treatments leaving my hair feeling like it has just been washed in a salon, but this, well it just didn't leave up to it's claims so I will not be using this again.

As a whole, the Chelsea Collection is just ok, the Keratin Volume Conditioner was the clear winner out of all the products and is something I will finish using until it has run out. I did use the Shampoo and Conditioner on my extensions and they worked really well on them, they felt so much smoother than normal which is a big plus for me. 

Would I recommend these? I'm not sure, aside from the conditioner, I wasn't blown away by any of these and obviously I wouldn't recommend the Keratin Rehab. I do feel like these particular products, aside from the conditioner aren't really that great for super dry hair like my own, so if you have normal hair that just needs a little boost then maybe these would be more suited for you.

You can purchase the Chelsea Collection from Waitrose where the whole product line currently has third off.

*PR sample.
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