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The Best Blonde Brow products

I've been promising for ages that I will pull together a Top Picks on Blonde brow products, but it's taken me a little longer than expected, due to trying out around thirty different brow products but I have finally narrowed it down to my top 8!

It is beyond hard to find the perfect blonde brow product. For me, so many are too dark or too orange. I like an ash toned colour, not too dark and not too light. My brows are pretty much non existent and they're ridiculously fair, so I like them to look as natural as possible. Also I really despise brow products that are too waxy, as they tend to just clump the few hairs that I have together. For me, perfecting my brows is still a work in progress, but finding the right product means that I'm three quarters of the way there.

If you're a blonde who likes a really dark brow, then this isn't going to be the post for you, however, the products that I'm listing could be perfect for you, just in a darker colour.

The Best Blonde Brow products
The Best Blonde Brow products

The Best Blonde Brow products

The Best Blonde Brow products

  • Sleek Eyebrow Stylist in 'light' - £5.99 I actually reviewed this back in February (review HERE) when this was first launched. Today, this is still one of my most viewed and searched for posts. I haven't tried the Hourglass Archbrow which costs around about £26.00, but having seen many posts on it and swatching it in person recently, this looks like a total dupe and it's £20 cheaper! Up until a two months ago, this was the brow pencil I used nearly every day. The colour is perfect and the consistency is spot on. 
  • Soap & Glory Archery, Brow Tint And Pencil in 'Love is Blonde' £10.00 I bought this after seeing so many good reviews about this, but I'll be honest it wasn't love at first sight! This comes with a felt tip pen one end and then the pencil on the other. Originally I felt like the pen was too dark, but after playing about with this I have grown to love it! I really like the pencil too. This is ideal for days when you want a really structured brow (use the felt tip) or days when you want to just colour them in (use the pencil) I do wish they sold these both separately as the felt tip will run out way before the pencil does.
  • L'Oreal Brow Artiste in 'Blonde' - £5.49 Out of the drugstore brow products that I own, this is hands down my favourite brow pencil. It's nearly the perfect ash tone and quite dry (which I like) I like that this comes with a wax at the end. Although I hate pencil that have a wax consistency, this is really nice to apply gently afterwards to help keep my brows in place.
  • NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in 'Blonde' - £5.50 I love this! This comes with two powders, one slightly darker than the other one. It's such a great idea as you can use the lighter colour at the front of your brows and the darker shade to fill in the rest. My brows always look so natural when I use this! The set also comes with a little spooley and also a brush! Total bargain!! If you like a slightly darker blonde shade then they also sell this in taupe/ash too.

The Best Blonde Brow products
The Best Blonde Brow products

The Best Blonde Brow products
  • MAC Eyebrow Pencil in 'Fling' - £13.50 This is a recent purchase for me. I was in MAC just buying a powder and some how walked out £120 poorer and this was one of the items that contributed to that! I love this, the colour is spot on and the consistency is amazing too. This also sharpens itself which just gives me more reason to love it too! Not a bad price either.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in 'Ash Blonde' - £15.50 If you read my review on this last month then you'll know how much I love this! If you haven't read it, then just click HERE and go have a read. This is literally perfection. There is not a single thing that I dislike about this at all! The pencil is tiny, so you can define your brows easily and if like me, your brows are quite sparse, the thin pencil allows you to 'cheat' your brow hairs! I will repurchase this over and over again!
  • MAC Eyeshadow in 'Coquette' - £10/£13 I didn't intend to feature two MAC products but I can't not mention Coquette. This is actually an eyeshadow but it's the perfect ash tone colour for brows. This is so pigmented, you really only need to lightly press your brush into the pan to get the right amount of colour.

  • Billion Dollar Brows Brow Powder in 'Blonde' - £18* I originally bought the Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil but it was too dark for me, but would be ideal for those who liked a deeper brow. This is a little lighter than MAC Coquette but still heavily pigmented. Again another perfect ash tone colour, so a great option for those who like to colour their brows in just a few shades darker. I love this and is my go to brow powder on days where I have more time to spare.

So that's my Top Picks for beautiful blonde brows. It has taken me so many years to find the right shade and consistency, I never thought I'd find it but eventually I did and actually found several! I know some people prefer powders to pencils, so I thought this was a great mix of products and price ranges too. I honestly recommend each and everyone of these!

What is your favourite brow product? What would you like me to feature on Top Picks in the future?

*PR sample.

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